Is Google Stadia Paying To Delay Games on Other Platforms?

Let’s admit it: nobody is a fan of Google Stadia. Nobody. The idea of being able to play anywhere as long as you have strong internet seems like a smashing idea. But with it, comes ridiculous prices, subscription fees, and terrible connection issues. And come day one, Stadia was dead on arrival with most having a poor experience.

While revealing the company’s roadmap for Stadia, the search engine giant, Google, admits to planning 10 timed exclusives by this year’s July. It is no question that some or many of those games would’ve been for the Playstation as well as the other systems.

Perhaps Google has taken a lesson from Epic Games. The latter earning more than $680 million from their timed exclusives alone ever since their launch. Google added that it is currently “working with its partners” to deliver those timed exclusives to its platform.

If Google succeeds in delaying games for other platforms, it will no doubt be met with even more scorn than previous.

Source: PushSquare

Managing Editor