Is Naughty Dog Threatening Their Own Employees To Silence? Former Employee Says Yes

It’s always hard work when you have to struggle to finish a project on time. This is referred to as “crunch time” when a game studio is struggling to meet milestones regarding their projects. This can force the hand of upper management to coerce employees to work longer hours. And right now, that seems to be about what Naughty Dog is doing.

The developer studio, Naughty Dog, is in hot water right now and not with just crunching to develop The Last of Us Part 2, but for unfavorable working conditions and allegedly threatening their own workers to keep silent about it as well.

This came from Johnathan Cooper, a veteran who worked for Naughty Dog, tweeted online about how the developer threatened to withhold his pay unless he signed an NDA. He then claimed that Naughty Dog only withdrew the threat after he proved that the practice was illegal. Cooper claimed that conditions were so bad, that one of his friends was hospitalized because of the severe crunch.

So far, neither Sony nor Naughty Dog has made a statement in response to Cooper’s tweet.

Source: PlayStation LIfeStyle

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