Jade Raymond’s Haven Entertainment Reportedly Developing PS5 Exclusive Online Service Game

Many high-profile people have already joined the studio.

Jade Raymond’s newly founded Sony Studio Haven Entertainment is reportedly developing a PS5 exclusive online service game.

Italian media outlet Multiplayer.IT has recently shared their discovery online about some recruiter data about Raymond’s game studio. It was revealed that they are currently working on an online game for the PlayStation 5. It would be similar to Apex Legends, Destiny, and the like.

The game studio is currently hiring a lot of people and have already gotten some veterans from Montreal. Many high-profile people have already joined like Daniel Drapeau, Corey May, Sebastien Pule, and Mathieu Leduc with more on the way.

Even the long-time Assassin’s Creed Art Director Raphael Lacoste has joined as well.

“I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart our wonderful community and the incredible talents I’ve had the chance to collaborate with, over these amazing years,” Lacost posted on his official Twitter account.

“Thank you too, Ubisoft, for your trust and the fantastic projects we brought to life together! Bye for now, these years will remain unforgettable 🙂

“Ubisoft has been a nice home for me for 16 years, and I am very touched about this, the trust they gave me as well as the opportunities, but it was time to do another leap of faith :)”

No word yet on what Haven Entertainment specifically is working on and when it will be launched.