Judgment To Have No Changes When Coming To The West


Game director Kouji Yoshida and planning supervisor Masao Kinosaki recently revealed some new information about the upcoming video game Judgment including a confirmation.

Judgment western version confirms one speculation

In an exclusive and lengthy interview with Dengeki Online, Yoshida and Kinosaki revealed and denied one speculation that fans dreaded about: alteration of the western version. They have confirmed that there will be no such thing and it will only be translated and the rest of the content will be the same.

Here is Yoshida’s answer:

There are no changes to the game’s content in the western version. The only differences are how we’re recording an English dub, and all of the lip synchronization is being remade to fit it.

The two talked about how they wrote the main story, the side missions and the characters. They also mentioned the game’s graphics and how they fully used the Dragon Engine. They explained the difference of the game compared to the Yakuza games and how they would like the newcomers to try out those previous titles as well.

The game will be coming to the west this coming Summer 2019. It will be exclusively released on PlayStation 4.

Source: Dengeki Online

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