Jurassic World Evolution Gets new Developer Diary Titled Take Control

Jurassic World Evolution exploration

Game developer Frontier Developments recently released a new Jurassic World Evolution developer diary video. The new video was titled Take Control and it urges players to take control of the game.

Jurassic World Evolution Take Control

Frontier Developments revealed a second developer diary video that was titled Take Control. This video focuses on what players can control in the game since it is about park management. Players can manage parks across six islands and allow them to deal with buildings, guests, and dinosaurs.

Players can also take control of teams and vehicles within the park to get up close to the dinosaurs. They can also order them to stop and tranquilize escaped dinosaurs or medicate the docile ones.

Vast sandbox mode

Frontier Developments revealed that the game will have a very large sandbox mode for players to explore. They can just mess around with the tools that the game provides them to create their own dream park. The developers also revealed that the game will have a free update after the game launches that adds in tie-in content based on the upcoming film: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The game is set to release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on June 12.

Check out the second developer diary video below:

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