Katana Zero New Trailer Features Swords And Synths

katana zero

A brand new trailer of upcoming indie action video game Katana Zero was launched and it features some outrages synths and awesome sword action.

Katana Zero trailer details

The new trailer features the game’s top-speed action in 64-bit theme. It is a side scroller video game that has cyberpunk aesthetic jam-packed with some awesome heavy synths and a lot of neon colors. The combat is actually a lot of talk about because it just sticks out.

Players will have to travel fast in this game with quick fighting scenes using a katana blade. They will have to strike enemies as they pass by or they can deflect the oncoming bullets for stylish kills. There is some motorcycle combat scenes too. The biggest feature is its ability to slow time in order to dodge or kill enemies in the most stylish ways possible.

The game will launch on PC via Steam. It will be released this coming March 2019.

Check out the awesome trailer here:

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