Kirby Star Allies Get Three New Dream Friends With Wave 2 Update

Kirby Star Allies new wave 2

Game company Nintendo recently revealed a brand new trailer to announce the launch of the Kirby Star Allies: Wave 2 Update. This includes three new Dream Friends.

Kirby Star Allies new update brings friends

The new Wave 2 Update included three new Dream Friends for players to try out in the game. These characters are Adeleine and Ribbon, Daroach, and the Dark Meta Knight.

The new trailer featured Kirby’s new Dream Friends showcasing each of their unique skills and talents to fight off bad guys. In addition to Kirby’s friends, the new update included three new celebration pictures to complete by collecting Picture Pieces. The update also fixed several issues that enhanced the gameplay.

The game is currently available for Nintendo Switch. The Wave 2 Update is also available to download for free.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Official YouTube Channel

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