KOI – First Chinese Developed PS4 Title Published

Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent Chinese publisher, announced today that KOI, an award-winning exploration adventure game that follows the quest of a lone koi fish through an ever-evolving lotus pond, will be available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system via the PlayStation® Store in European territories on May 3rd, 2016. Developed by Tianjin-based indie studio Dotoyou, KOI will be the first ever Chinese developed title to be published on PlayStation®4 for Western territories.

KOI takes players on a seemingly small journey with deeper meaning. In doing so, players will release the delicate koi from the darkness that has engulfed them from the waters tainted by man by solving challenging puzzles, retaining enchanting melodies found within the leaves of branches amongst other missions in this spiritual odyssey. The artfully depicted world of the lotus pond can be explored and navigated, and in the process of collecting items and solving puzzles, the pond will be purified and made better. Waters can be cleansed, nascent flowers can be opened and threats can be transformed into positive elements. As the koi travels through unknown waters, players enjoy a journey of reflection and contemplation. Completing mini games also unveil layers of the story as players flow through the waters. This artfully depicted world conveys a wonderfully imaginative experience with an entrancing soundtrack by popular Chinese artist, Zeta.

KOI marks the initial console game to be released in the Western territories by Oasis Games in its portfolio of upcoming console games spanning a broad spectrum of genres. Oasis Games is an established game company with successful games and serves as the first publishing partner of Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai (SCES) for overseas publishing as part of the move by China to lift its ban of console manufacturing and sales.

KOI will take players on an meaningful adventure of beauty and growth that will touch both hearts and sprits,” said Alen Wu, business director at Oasis Games. “As one of the first Chinese developers for the PlayStation®4, we hope to bring console gamers an experience that is fresh and new; a game that reinvigorates the spirit while providing entertainment for players of all ages.”

Beneath the tranquil waters of the lotus pond lies a world of danger and uncertainty, illuminated by the game’s hypnotic, piano-based score at every twist and turn. The devoted koi will face dangers from raging currents to deadly predators and spiky barriers. But by blooming flowers to purify the pond, threats can become beauty: dark predator fish can become harmless koi friends and melodies hidden in spiky twigs can turn them into green, healthy leaves. KOI is the game that asks players a simple question: Can you bring purity to a lotus pond, and in so doing, bring happiness and peace to your mind?

For more information, visit www.koips4.com .