Kojima Plans to Make Films and Music Aside from Games

What kind of movie would he make?

A new report recently revealed that Director Hideo Kojima has other plans aside from creating games for his fans.

Kojima has recently spoken to Anan Awards in Japan via Famitsu to talk about his career in creating games. He won awards in the culture category for his work on his latest game Death Stranding during the awards ceremony. He said that he would like to expand from games to other fields like music and film.

It is no surprise that Kojima wanted to try out his hand at making films as he professed his desire to do that on his Twitter account. He also has his Twitter bio claiming that “70 percent of (his) body is made of movies.” It is surprising though that he wants to try out making music, but did not specify.

Kojima is quite passionate about his music and it shows in his many projects. He features top-notch tracks in games like Metal Gear Solid V’s Take on Me by a-ha, Rebel Yell by Billy Idol, Death Stranding by CHVRCHES, and many more.

It would be interesting to see what kind of film or music Kojima would make.