Kojima Productions Officially Moves Out from Its Old Offices to a New One

Out with the old and in with the new.

After five years, Kojima Productions has officially moved out from its old offices to a new one.

Since its establishment in 2017, Kojima Productions were proud of its first office, showing it around to guests and having iconic moments when it was developing its very first title, Death Stranding. There was the famous Ludens hallway where it would seem a visitor would be transported into a sci-fi facility, rooms where Conan O’Brien explored during his visits, and more.

Today, the rooms are now empty with pictures posted by the founder himself, Hideo Kojima, on his official Twitter account. He also showed the famous wall where pictures of the studios’ guests were hung with graffiti and signatures of them written on it.

Kojima reminisces the memories he had in this office and clearly he is bittersweet of moving out. Still, the timing is too perfect as the studio has already started making its mysterious new project. A month ago, the studio has been recruiting a lot of people, which could mean they needed a larger office this time around to house everyone.