Kojima Productions Collaborates with NASA

Made by Anicorn Watches.

Kojima Productions has recently announced that it has collaborated with NASA for a new product.

Hideo Kojima’s studio is recently promoting its new product and has collaborated with NASA, which is a surprise. Actually, this is not for a game, but for apparel that might entice fans of the studio especially its mascot, the astronaut known as Ludens. So the collaboration with NASA makes sense.

The studio, actually Kojima personally, have expressed their interest in branching out to other stuff like films and more. They have already sold several products on their website like collectibles, apparel, and keychains so this new product is no surprise for everyone except, it is in cooperation with a rather prestigious group.

The new product is a brand new stylish watch, which will be available on the official website this coming September 27, 2022. This new product is also in collaboration with Anicorn Watches, which is the company that will be manufacturing these gorgeous watches.

The watch itself looks beautiful and is made up mostly of steel, its back has the logo of Kojima Productions printed on a clear glass that shows the inner workings of the watch, while the front has the NASA logo and has the line Ludens Extra-Vehicular Activity Creative Suit.

Check out the product here.