Labyrinth Of The Witch Coming To PC Via Steam This Month

Labyrinth of the Witch PC

Game company Orange Cube recently announced that the dungeon exploration RPG Labyrinth of the Witch for PC will be launched this month.

Labyrinth of the Witch coming to PC soon

The dungeon exploration RPG will be coming to PC via Steam this coming Jan. 30. It will support various languages: English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese language options.

The game originally launched on iOS and Android in April 2018, followed by the Switch version via the Nintendo eShop in November 2019.

Check out the overview here:


A simple dungeon exploration RPG that anyone can play!

Strategically use a multitude of items to tackle ever-changing dungeons.

Key Features

  • A Rogue-like for Anyone and Everyone – This simple, easy-to-play dungeon exploration RPG is free of difficult game mechanics.
  • Speedrun Faster than Anyone! – Built for the speedrunners, take on the Speedrun Dungeon armed with only your wits (no starting items!) and find your own gear!
  • Pixel Art at its Best – State-of-the-art pixel art and animations bring your adventures to life!

Source: Steam via Gematsu

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