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Labyrinth Warriors Stage 4 Guide – The Echoes of Extinction Challenge

This event quest is unlocked Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 04:00 (Server Time).

A trial of passage for the Mystic Onmyou Chamber where exceptionally ferocious foes dwell. The only fate ordinary warriors might expect here is utter annihilation.

This event guide will include a full map of the Stage 4 Domain floors and rooms and other helpful information that Travelers will need in order to complete the challenge easily.

Maps: Labyrinth Warriors Stage 4 – The Echoes of Extinction

Travelers will be able to check the details of the current trial zone and see the rooms that they’ve explored as well as the zones all around them by clicking on the minimap. In order to exit a trial, you can choose “Leave for Now” to save your current trial progress. However, if they select the “End Trial” option, your current trial progress will be reset.

Map layouts may vary for different players.

Map: 1st Floor Level

Map: 2nd Floor Level

Map Symbols and Definitions

Gate MechanismStarting area
Arrayed EmplacementSummons lower level enemies
Ferocious EmplacementSummons higher-level enemies to complete the Serious and Dire challenges.
Curative EmplacementRevives, Heals, and Team Character Swapping
Charm EmplacementDraws a charm
ChestsTreasure chest locations
Decisive EmplacementBoss Fight and final objectives

How to Complete Stage 4 – The Echoes of Extinction Challenge

Just before the trial beings, Travelers need to choose one out of nine Shikifuda that will provide buffs just like with the previous stages.

To complete the 4th stage of the Labyrinth Warriors: The Echoes of Extinction Challenge, you must complete the following trial objectives:

  • Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge.
  • Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the challenge.

Just as with the previous stages, Travelers must locate the Mystic Onmyou Chamber on their maps. They’ll need to select their characters for the Combat Team and the Support Team.

Travelers have the option to use the event map so that they find the room with the “Decisive Emplacement.” The Decisive Emplacement will summon the floor boss which Travelers need to defeat in order to advance to the next floor. Once all the Decisive Emplacements have been completed then the trial will be marked as complete. For every objective that is completed the following rewards will be given:

Just as it was in the previous stages, while exploring the domain, Travelers will be able to obtain Damaged Replicas which are used to improve different aspects of Shiki Taishou’s Charm Magic. Travelers are also able to draw charms from Charm Emplacements as well as from completing the Arrayed and Ferocious Emplacements and the Decisive Emplacement for the first floor.

There will be three options to choose from and in the event that there are no charms available then Travelers are able to consume a Battered Shikifuda, which can be obtained from completing the trial’s challenges, in order to redraw.

Travelers need to be careful in the event that they get afflicted from Cursed Seals while drawing charms.

Enemies for Labyrinth Warriors Stage 4 – The Echoes of Extinction

Boss and Enemy List

Level 2

Maguu Kenki

The boss and final objective is a Maguu Kenki.

A Maguu Kenki is a well-trained and well-coordinated mechanical swordsman. Doesn’t appear to be able or willing to communicate verbally, preferring to use crossed swords as a means of communication. A certain sword school’s first-generation master’s memories are said to have gone into building this machine. However, it was found to be defective, had a loss of control, and had to be thrown away. The machine’s spirit, it’s said, still lingers near where its life came to an end.

Level 1

BossKairagi: Dancing

Kairagi: Dancing Thunders are Samurai turned bandits. They have advanced martial arts skills but have found no use for them. Despair drove them down the path of evil. They use ancient Kannagara paper seals to infuse their blades with lightning power.

BossKairagi: Fiery
Kairagi: Fiery Might

Kairagi: Fiery Might are also Samurai turned bandits. They learned martial arts as children, but lost the chance to serve the people for various reasons, and went astray. Their blades aren’t cold like steel, but rather bitter. They seem to have used lost Kannagara art paper seals to light the blades.

Other Possible Enemies

Enemies coming from Arrayed Emplacements and Ferocious Emplacements will be random.

Enemy Quirks for Stage 4 – The Echoes of Extinction

Level 1 – First Floor Boss

On the final stage on the first level, you will be facing the Kairagi: Dancing Thunder and Kairagi: Fiery Might. Kairagi are rarely a problem on their own. But Kairagi are tough and difficult to drag. Their attacks are weak before elemental infusion, but once they do, it’s best to avoid them or use a shield, as the Kairagi often performs a tri-combo attack of sword swing, lunge, and slash.

If you encounter Kairagi in pairs, you must defeat them simultaneously or the remaining Kairagi will become vengeful, imbuing their swords and gaining health. In the process, they heal themselves if their health is half. Freezing, petrifying, or being attacked slows the process slightly, but not enough to rely on.

Kairagi: Dancing Thunder and Kairagi: Fiery Might

Level 2 – Second Floor Boss

Maguu Kenki, the final boss, will initially perform physical attacks. It will perform Frost Dive at 75% HP and become invulnerable until the attack ends. They are slow and easy to dodge but deal devastating damage if hit.

Attack distance, not attack type, triggers Maguu Kenki’s mask parry. Damage dealt to the player in melee range will not trigger the parry, but damage dealt from afar will, including damage from stationary fields. Since the mask parry does not work in melee, it is best to attack with melee characters.

Maguu Kenki’s Frost Dive can be avoided by dodging it as it descends, preventing damage even while within the attack’s AoE.

Rewards for Completing Stage 4 – The Echoes of Extinction

Trial ObjectiveAged TokenDamaged Replica
Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge.x700 Aged Tokensx1050 Damaged Replica
Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge. x840 Aged Tokens x1260 Damaged Replica
Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge. x240 Aged Tokens x360 Damaged Replica

Travelers that are able to complete each Trial will be rewarded with Age Tokens that can be redeemed at the event shop for Hero’s Wits, Mora, Primogems, Players who successfully complete each Trial will receive Aged Tokens, which can be redeemed at the Event Shop for Crown of Insight, Ascension materials, Talent Level Up materials, and Mystic Enhancement Ores.

For now, you can check out our other guides for the Labyrinth Warriors Event in Genshin Impact. Travelers will be facing trials with Shiki Taishou in Inazuma’s Mystic Onmyou Event Domain during this event. Check out our other Genshin Impact Guides, and don’t forget to return soon to complete Stage 5 and the final challenge of the Labyrinth WarriorTrials and earn even more rewards!