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Stage 5: Labyrinth Warriors – The Rending Absolution

Labyrinth Warriors Stage 5 – The Rending Absolution, is available on Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 04:00 (Server Time).

The most perilous place in the Mystic Onmyou Chamber. Even the greatest of wills will face a rending agony in this place… But this, too, is all inextricably part of reaching the pinnacle of martial prowess.

This event guide will include a full map of the Stage 5 Domain floors and rooms and other helpful information that Travelers will need in order to complete the challenge easily.

Maps: Labyrinth Warriors Stage 5 – The Rending Absolution

Travelers will be able to check the details of the current trial zone and see the rooms that they’ve explored as well as the zones all around them by clicking on the minimap. In order to exit a trial, you can choose “Leave for Now” to save your current trial progress. However, if they select the “End Trial” option, your current trial progress will be reset.

Map layouts may vary for different players.

Map: 1st Floor Level

Map: 2nd Floor Level

Map Symbols and Definitions

Gate MechanismStarting area
Arrayed EmplacementSummons lower level enemies
Ferocious EmplacementSummons higher-level enemies to complete the Serious and Dire challenges.
Curative EmplacementRevives, Heals, and Team Character Swapping
Charm EmplacementDraws a charm
ChestsTreasure chest locations
Decisive EmplacementBoss Fight and final objectives

How to Complete Stage 5 – The Rending Absolution

Just before the trial beings, Travelers need to choose one out of nine Shikifuda that will provide buffs just like with the previous stages. Up to three can be selected.

To complete the 5th stage of the Labyrinth Warriors: The Rending Absolution, you must complete the following trial objectives:

  • Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Serious challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge.
  • Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge.

Just as with the previous stages, Travelers must locate the Mystic Onmyou Chamber on their maps. They’ll need to select their characters for the Combat Team and the Support Team.

Travelers have the option to use the event map so that they find the room with the “Decisive Emplacement.” The Decisive Emplacement will summon the floor boss which Travelers need to defeat in order to advance to the next floor. Once all the Decisive Emplacements have been completed then the trial will be marked as complete. For every objective that is completed the following rewards will be given:

Just as it was in the previous stages, while exploring the domain, Travelers will be able to obtain Damaged Replicas which are used to improve different aspects of Shiki Taishou’s Charm Magic. Travelers are also able to draw charms from Charm Emplacements as well as from completing the Arrayed and Ferocious Emplacements and the Decisive Emplacement for the first floor.

There will be three options to choose from and in the event that there are no charms available then Travelers are able to consume a Battered Shikifuda, which can be obtained from completing the trial’s challenges, in order to redraw.

Travelers need to be careful in the event that they get afflicted from Cursed Seals while drawing charms.

Enemies for Labyrinth Warriors Stage 5 – The Rending Absolution

Boss and Enemy List

Level 2

Blazing Axe

The boss and final objective a Pyro Hypostasis a.k.a. Ayin, a pure Pyro entity.

Researchers say Elemental Hypostases are linked to Elemental vein anomalies. But whether Elemental Hypostases caused Elemental veins to mutate or Elemental Energy mutated Elemental Hypostases remains unknown.

Level 1

BossPyro HypostasisBlazing Axe Mitachurl

Blazing Axe Mitachurls are Hilichurls with two-handed axes. It attacks with large axes infused with Pyro Slimes. They are deadly.

Researchers say Elemental Hypostases are linked to Elemental vein anomalies. But whether Elemental Hypostases caused Elemental veins to mutate or Elemental Energy mutated Elemental Hypostases remains unknown.

BossPyro Abyss Mage

Pyro Abyss Mage is a pyro-wielding abyss creature. For unknown reasons, Abyss Mages can easily communicate with Hilichurls and manipulate their minds.

They say Abyss Mages speak a long-forgotten language full of magical power.

Other Possible Enemies

Enemies coming from Arrayed Emplacements and Ferocious Emplacements will be random.

Enemy Quirks for Stage 5 – The Rending Absolution

Level 1 – First Floor Boss

Blazing Axe Mitachurl

Blazing Axe Mitachurl is armed with a massive axe with a glowing fiery blade. It can dig up Pyro Slimes from the ground and use them to enhance its axe, causing it to gain an Elemental Infusion and deal Pyro damage.

The application of Hydro or Electro to a Mitachurl whose axe is red-hot will cause it to revert to its original state.

Pyro Abyss Mage

While in combat, Pyro Abyss Mages are capable of hurling fireballs across the ground in the player’s direction as well as summoning three demonic heads in a triangle formation to spew fire directly at the player’s location. This attack, on the other hand, is relatively easy to avoid because the demon heads are not capable of aiming. When the Abyss Mage is vulnerable, it will initiate a ritual that will cause bursts of fire to erupt from the ground around it while simultaneously regenerating its shield.

Level 2 – Second Floor Boss

Pyro Hypostasis

The Pyro Hypostasis is ignited when the fight begins. The Pyro Hypostasis is shielded by a Pyro shield and will not expose its core while in this state. Hydro attacks can effectively remove the shield. Removing the shield takes 14 Hydro, 28 Electro, and 56 Cryo, Anemo, or Geo units. Hydro is by far the most efficient.

After removing the shield, the Pyro Hypostasis becomes Extinguished. The boss, like the other Hypostases, is only vulnerable when the core is exposed. A status icon will appear beneath the boss’ health bar to indicate its imminent rebirth. This attack is indicated when the boss swirls around and forms a rocket-like appearance. If the Pyro Hypostasis relights, it will allow it to regain health until extinguished.

Unlike the other Hypostases, the Pyro Hypostasis regenerates HP while in its Ignited State. It is recommended to bring Hydro characters to take advantage of Vaporize reactions, as Hydro characters deal twice the damage when applied to Pyro. While Cryo characters can be used, they are less effective than Hydro, dealing only 1.5 times the normal damage when applied to Pyro.

Rewards for Completing Stage 5 – The Rending Absolution

Travelers that are able to complete each Trial will be rewarded with Age Tokens that can be redeemed at the event shop for Hero’s Wits, Mora, Primogems, Players who successfully complete each Trial will receive Aged Tokens, which can be redeemed at the Event Shop for Crown of Insight, Ascension materials, Talent Level Up materials, and Mystic Enhancement Ores.

After completing this last and final stage, go over to the event shop and claim your rewards.

You should also be receiving your newest 4-star pyro character, Xinyan. Xinyan defeats enemies with the help of a claymore and her pyro vision. She has the ability to summon fire and use it to strike opponents across a large area of effect. In the event that Xinyan hits an opponent with her elemental skill, she has the ability to conjure a pyro shield, which not only shields her from harm but also imbues her attack with pyro energy. The quality of her shield improves in direct proportion to the number of enemies she hits with her elemental skill.

Obtained New Character Xinyan

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