Last Word to Launch on Steam Soon

Last Word

Combat through nuanced conversation!

Sticks and stones may break bones, but a harsh word can cost thousands in therapy. In Last Word, getting the final word in can not only cause mental trauma, but gives you power over your conversational partner! Therefore, when the prestigious Professor Chatters invites some distinguished guests to his mansion, it is with grave consequence that they realize it is to show off his ingenious invention: a one way intercom!

Welcome to Last Word, a dastardly game of conversational wordplay. Things are not as they seem at Chatter’s mansion, and everyone has something to hide. Follow the inquests, conversations, and skullduggery of Photographer Whitty Gawship as she attempts to piece together what Mr. Chatters is really up to. Fight with words and wit as you attempt to get the last word in on every conversation.

Last Word was the second place finalist in the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest and boasts having famed developer Freebird Games (To the Moon, A Bird Story) as a friend and consultant to the project. Get the first word out and last word in on the Steam page and watch the trailer here. Visit their website here.

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