Latest Final Fantasy VII Trailer Confirms That, Yes, Cloud Will Crossdress

Ever since the remake for Final Fantasy VII has been announced, people have always asked Square Enix the biggest question: will we ever see Cloud wearing a dress? And with the newest trailer dropping by, we finally got our answer. Yes. Cloud will be dressing up as a girl.

To those who played the original Final Fantasy way back during the PS1 era, the trailer up above will certainly be quite nostalgic. Cloud and his group of unlikely friends once again have to take arms to save their world from a greedy conglomerate hell bent on abusing the world’s resources.

What was once a turn-based tactical RPG can now be played like a real time hack-and-slash. The trailer takes the time to give players a trip down memory lane while showcasing the new combat system and fluid gameplay.

Get ready to re-experience this old JRPG classic the set the foundation for other JRPG games to aspire to. Coming to you this April 10, 2020 exclusively for the PlayStation 4!