LawBreakers Is Already Dying On Steam

NEXON and Boss Key Productions’ team-arena first-person shooter, LawBreakers, launched 3 weeks ago. Despite getting generally positive reviews from publications, it’s not entirely looking “positive” when looking at the number of people playing.

When we look at the figures over at SteamCharts, LawBreakers only got an all-time peak of 7,482 players. While the numbers look definitely rock solid, in the past 28 days there were only 692.1 daily average count of players flying in zero-gravity in the game. Furthermore, there were only 131 players on LawBreakers 17 minutes ago.

In addition, the chart doesn’t look good either. Each day, the number of players are declining. This is not looking good for NEXON and Boss Key Productions.

What do you think NEXON and Boss Key Productions should do to bring their players back to LawBreakers?