Lawsuit Filed Against Aspyr and Saber After Canceled KOTOR 2 Switch DLC

"Plaintiff felt completely duped and was upset because he had relied on defendants.

Aspyr and Saber Interactive are now facing a classic action lawsuit over their announcement to cancel Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 (KOTOR 2) DLC for the Nintendo Switch.

Last year, Aspyr announced that the upcoming port of Star Wars KOTOR 2 was getting a Restored Content DLC. It also said that it would arrive in the third quarter of 2022. Fans were hoping that this was finally the time that the game would get modern day visuals with this upgrade.

A few months ago, Aspyr announced suddenly that the plans to release the DLC had now been canceled. It did compensate for the customers that got affected by offering them to download one of seven other games free of charge, and that included KOTOR 2 on PC Steam. A good deal for some, but others did not like this.

“Despite their failure to release KOTOR’s Restored Content DLC, Defendants refused to give refunds to purchasers of KOTOR,” the class action lawsuit states that was filed in July 2023 by Malachi Mickelonis “individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated.

“Plaintiff felt completely duped and was upset because he had relied on Defendants’ representations that the Restored Content DLC would be released for KOTOR. In fact, Plaintiff did not even play KOTOR after purchasing it, instead choosing to wait until the Restored Content DLC was released. But Defendants never did.

“Plaintiff would potentially be interested in purchasing other games with Restored Content DLC from Defendants’ in the future if they have the advertised content, are not deceptively advertised, and accordingly priced at fair market value without being artificially inflated due to the deceptive advertising.”

Currently, the defendants have until October 4, 2023 to respond to this class action lawsuit.