Layers Of Fear 2 New Details Recently Revealed With Developer Diary

Layers of Fear 2

Game developer Bloober Team and publisher Gun Media recently released a brand new trailer of upcoming video game Layers of Fear 2 featuring new information.

Layers of Fear 2 new info

The latest developer diary revealed some very vague lines, but it is certainly some new information about the video game. It stated that players will be playing a part and time waits for no one. The narrator’s voice is actually really creepy that it draws the attention of the viewer.

The trailer starts out being outside and stays calm and it looks like to be a haunted boat. When it enters the area, viewers will see a normal hallway, but as the camera turns the corner, a very haunted hallway can be seen. It has this red lighting and self-shutting doors.

Lead designer and producer Bartosz Kapron said that while working on the sequel to the first one, they aimed to preserve all that everyone loved about it. They wanted to show the dark claustrophobic interiors, the shifting environments, and a multi-layered story.

The game will launch this year. There are still no platforms announced by the developers. The first one is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

Check out the trailers below:

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