Leaked Mario Nintendo Switch Bundle Images Details Revealed (Update)

Previous reports just got confirmed with this new leak!

Update: The leaks below have now been confirmed after Nintendo made the announcement of the new Mario Nintendo Switch Bundle. To celebrate the upcoming MAR10 day, the new bundle will be released. All details including the Super Mario Bros. movie stickers were confirmed too.

Original article below:

A new leak reveals images of an unannounced Mario Nintendo Switch bundle with lots of details.

A recent post on Reddit included these new images revealing the bundle. It features the standard Switch console with red Joy-Cons and the best part of the deal: an option to download one of the three Mario games: Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The bundle also has a sheet of stickers based on the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. Based on one of the images, it is set to launch in the US due to the ESRB rating.

This leak actually backs up previous reports of a similar bundle that was planned to be released in Europe within this month. The report, however, only revealed that it was going to be a bundle that included a Mario game and did not specify the title included.

Billbil-kun also had the same report with the same details about the bundle: a standard Switch console, red Joy-Cons, and a game included but specified that it was a digital code for Mario Odyssey. It also had a bonus of something related to Super Mario Bros. Movie.