Leaked Documents Reveal More Popular Xbox Series Console

Makes sense but also surprising.

Leaked documents have revealed which Xbox Series console is more popular than each other.

The documents that got leaked yesterday are still in circulation on the internet even though it was deleted from the website. It revealed intriguing information about the inner workings of Xbox and one of them are sales numbers of various products including the Xbox Series consoles, X and S.

The Xbox Series X is way superior compared to the Xbox Series S based on specs. The X has higher specifications, a disc drive to play physical copies, higher internal storage, and more. Unfortunately, it comes with a high price. The S however has lower specifications, only-digital, a slightly lower internal storage, and more. It does, however, have a lower price tag, which is more convenient for fans who want to save up and still enjoy next-gen gameplay.

It would have been expected that the Xbox Series X would win this contest, but contrary, it was the Xbox Series S that won. The documents revealed that 74.8 percent of Xbox Series owners preferred the S rather than the X which was 25.1 percent only. Later on, analysts pointed out that the documents were from last year, so the details have changed. It was revealed that the current between the two consoles is quite close with the S having a slight lead over the X.

The only reason for the Series S to be winning this popularity contest is its prices. The Series X is way expensive to purchase while the Series S is affordable and can still offer fans the next-gen experience they wanted.