Will LEGO 2K Drive support crossplay?

If you're looking to play with friends from other platforms in LEGO 2K Drive, you need to know if it's crossplay compatible or not.

2K Games is launching LEGO 2K Drive later this month, and as a racing game, you might be wondering, does LEGO 2K Drive support crossplay? Many racing games like Need for Speed Heat, Rider’s Republic, and the newest Need for Speed Unbound support crossplay.

With LEGO 2K Drive releasing pretty soon, and if you’re looking to play with your friends from other platforms, you will need to know if LEGO 2K Drive supports crossplay.

Is LEGO 2K Drive Crossplay?

LEGO 2K Drive Crossplay / Mutliplayer Modes

LEGO 2K Drive supports crossplay between PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. However, Nintendo Switch does not support crossplay with other platforms.

Two crossplay-enabled online multiplayer modes exist: Play With Friends and Play With Everyone.

In Play With Friends, players can play with up to six other players from different platforms in its biggest multiplayer mode, Shared World. Players can simultaneously race around LEGO 2K Drive’s world, Bricklandia, tackle World Challenges, or go their separate ways. Players can also see the fastest driver in the Cup Series and Race modes.

It’s worth noting that players can’t unlock new areas in Shared World mode. Players must play Story Mode to unlock other areas to make them explorable when they hop into Shared World with other players.

In Play With Everyone, players will matchmake with other players from different platforms at the same skill level. Players can invite up to two friends to their party if they want to participate in the race. Unfortunately, communication is disabled for safety reasons, according to the 2K Games’ website.

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