Is LEGO 2K Drive Going to be on Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass has no shortage of racing games, but will we see this one added to its library?

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been getting a lot of good games lately with LEGO 2K Drive being on everyone’s minds right now, and having this on Game Pass would be a huge win for Microsoft as an open-world racing game based on LEGO would be a fine addition. Find out if Lego 2K Drive is coming to Game Pass as such in this guide.

Is LEGO 2K Drive Coming to Game Pass?

There are currently no plans to have LEGO 2K Drive come to Game Pass. Although the game is releasing for both PC and Xbox consoles, there’s no confirmation of it heading to Game Pass any time soon.

We may see LEGO 2K Drive arrive on Xbox Game Pass some time in the future. It wouldn’t be the first time a LEGO or 2K game was added to their library. And there are other open world racing games like Forza Horizon that are already in the library itself. LEGO 2K Drive wouldn’t be out of place at all.

Games are usually added to Game Pass almost a year after their release. Since LEGO 2K Drive will have its early access launch on May 16, 2023, we can expect some news by early 2024 at least.

Is LEGO 2K Drive Coming to Game Pass

Right now, if you want to play LEGO 2K Drive, you have to purchase the full game, which costs about $59.99 USD. There are premium versions that offer the Year 1 Drive Pass, which costs at least $99.99 USD if you want to get the upcoming DLCs ahead of time. LEGO 2K Drive is available for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well as PC.

This tells you if LEGO 2K Drive is coming to Game Pass. Learn more about LEGO 2K Drive from our other articles.