LEGO Brawls Game Details Released with Release Date

Brawl with LEGO minifigures with your own customization!

Red Games Co. have now announced a new game titled LEGO Brawls with details and more.

LEGO Brawls in an action fighting game where players create their own characters with thousands of LEGO pieces, create their own fighting styles, and more. Check out some of the game’s features that would blow your mind away as a LEGO fan.

LEGO Brawls Customization

With LEGO Brawls, players can create their own, full customizable brawler. Fight against customizable minifigures and get load-outs tailored to a player’s personality, preference and play style. Unlock new content through gameplay for even more possibilities.

The developers revealed the number of minifigure customization options available at launch and it is exactly 77,289,215,065,920 versions. There are also 2,737,000 possible custom load-outs. Choose from the combination of LEGO minifigure faces, skin tones, torsos, legs, hats, melees, power-ups, emotes, and names. Choose the best and unique brawler from all of these.

“The minifigure customization is by far my favorite part of the game,” says Dustin Andrew, senior software engineer for Red Games Co., the independent studio that developed and published LEGO Brawls in partnership with LEGO Games. “There are literally trillions of possible crazy combinations. I could spend hours just coming up with fun brawlers.”

lego brawls

“There are endless goofy combinations to create, and it is fun to see players expressing themselves in different ways,” adds Alex Medes, QA lead for the game.

After creating the best character combination, the next part is where it all gets crazy.

Themed Levels

The levels are LEGO themed, which ranges from classics like the Castle and Western to movie-themes like Jurassic Park, Ninjago, and Monkie Kid. Each of them has their own different game modes, unique challenges, and win conditions. When a match starts, players will get to vote on which theme to play.

“We never wanted the various levels to be the same, just with different art,” says LEGO Brawls’ producer, Rae Reynolds. “Each level has its own unique hook – anything from level-specific power-ups, various ways to traverse, or gaining control of big characters to completely different objectives and team structure. Some levels have a special twist, like being able to control the T-Rex in Jurassic World, or the Mech and Wojira in Ninjago.”

Each level has its own distinct traits which will either give an advantage or a disadvantage for its players. Better prepare and create winning strategies before choosing the levels.

Game Modes

Play together with friends online and get matched with opponents across platforms. They can also host or join private games to party with friends. There are various types of game modes like there are ones that focus on casual teamwork or collection, while others have a more intense individual challenge.

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Control Point lets players team up and compete 4v4 to capture a control point and then hold it out. If a team is alone at the control point, it will generate points for the team’s Vict-o-meter. Get it full to win the round.

Collect Mode allows players to collect stuff like peaches in the Monkie Kid level or crystals in Blacktron. Collect enough items and hold them for long to win the round.

Brawl Royale is a free for all battle. The player who defeats the most opponents will be the winner.

The Free-For-Brawl battle is a fight where the last player standing will win. This is different from Brawl Royale since that one counts the most kills while this only wants the one who is the last one standing. Defeat players to fill up health.

Party Mode allows players to host or join private games with friends locally for a 4-player free-for-brawl or online in a 4v4 match. Cross-platform support allows players to invite others regardless of the platform they play on.


Players can select a main theme that can change the home screen appearance and gives them course to unlock theme-based collectables through gameplay.

Getting the amount of studs will depend on how the player wins a match. The studs can be used to collect new minifigures and power-ups.

Platforms and Release Date

LEGO Brawls launches on September 2, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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