Lethal Company: All Data Log Locations & How to Access Them

The plot thickens like a fog map

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There are many things we don’t quite have an answer for in Lethal Company. We don’t know why the Company wants seemingly useless items. Nor why the public doesn’t know why there is such a large turnover rate of employees. But there’s one thing we do know – an employee named Sigurd once lived and we can piece together the story of the game’s sole archivist.

In this guide, I’ll tell where you can find all currently known data log locations in Lethal Company. There are 12 entries known to be part of the lore but we only know the locations of 7 of them. Seeing as the game is in Early Access, I can guess that the rest of the log locations will be added in future patches of the game.

What are Sigurd’s Log Entries in Lethal Company?

The data logs are journal entries created by a supposed former employee, a man named Sigurd. Through the entries, we get a window of what life is like working with the Company. It also refers to certain unexplained events that hint at the overarching story of the game.

Not much is known about the man outside of the log entries and bestiary. We don’t even know if Sigurd is alive or not. All we know is that the Company doesn’t take kindly to employees who don’t reach their quota on time and that Sigurd was becoming crazy.

The logs are hidden away on certain moons. How and why is answered with the last log entry by Desmond, Sigurd’s brother. Unfortunately, that piece of content has not yet been formally added to the game. We can add it to the growing list of things we want added to the game very soon as the game continues development in Early Access.

How to Access Data Logs in Lethal Company

The most peculiar part of the data logs is their secretive nature. I’m sure many of us have stumbled on a data log or two while on the job. Some are hidden in commonly walked areas and others are secretive hidden that you’ll wonder to yourself how you even found them. So, how do we access the files that we find?

We get a definitive answer to the question in the most unlikely of places. Tucked away at the back of the left side of the terminal is a sticky note that reads:


If you input ‘sigurd’ on the terminal, you’ll open up a new screen that shows you all the contents of all the data logs you have collected. The files are arranged in chronological order. They describe events that took place during Sigurd’s time with the company.

Where to find Sigurd’s Data Logs in Lethal Company

The following pieces of information will help you find where all known data log entries can be found in the game, as well as some comments on the entries. To read the full text, it’s best that you read them from the ship’s terminal.

Note: So far, all log entries are found in the outside areas of certain moons. None of these are found inside facilities. A good reason for this is that the layout of each facility changes depending on the random seed generated. The areas outside remain the same regardless if the area is under a weather condition like an Eclipse.

First Log – Aug 22

Accessed by typing ‘VIEW first Log’ (or just typing ‘first log’) in the terminal while on the Sigurd’s Log Entries screen.

The first entry in the terminal and one that’s been separated from the main set of commands. It talks about how Sigurd started making journal entries after compiling the company’s Bestiary entries. Somehow it turned into a discussion about leaving behind a little something for future employees to discover.

Sound Behind the Wall – Sep 4

Location: Gordian. At the end of the catwalk at the bottom of the trapdoor area next to the Company landing pad.

This is the entry where we found out that the company occasionally buys scrap at 120%. Desmond says it’s a rare occurrence. It continues with the sounds heard behind the wall. Sigurd goes into detail about it.

Swing of Things – Aug 27

Location: Experimentation. Go right upon leaving the ship and go past the concrete building. In the distance, you’ll see this water tower. (As pictured on the left.) Climb the ladder, and the log entry can be found on the right side of the railings.

Sigurd and crew are getting into the ‘swing of things’ concerning the job. They are bringing shovels to whack anything that’s not human. This is also the entry where we find out that we can execute special codes for locked doors and turrets by inputting their letter and number into the terminal.

Shady – Aug 31

Location: Experimentation. This log entry is located at the very end of this long pipe that’s accessible from the facility’s fire exit. To get the best position, you’ll need to jump onto the rails and take a running jump to the pipe below. It is best that you don’t carry anything with you. Failing to make the jump will most likely result in death.

In this entry, Sigurd talks about the shady practices the company routinely does to its employees. Even if he says the pay is good and they are on board for only a season, he is already fed up with his current situation. He wants to go back home but he doesn’t want to go back on his hands and feet, as a failure.

Smells here! – Aug 24

Location: Assurance. This log entry is located next to a hill beside the main pipe that leads to the facility. It’s somewhere close to the end of the map and you might miss it if you’re used to taking the inner pass to the main entrance.

Sigurd’s second entry. In this one, he talks about getting his suit and how uncomfortable it is. He also talks about how bad everything smells, especially Richard. It ends with him noting all the items they found and wondering what the company is doing with them.

Screams – Sep 13

Location: Vow. This log entry can be found on the left side of the dam bridge on the left side of the gorge on top of the fire exit. You can’t miss it.

Note: A similar log entry can be found on the moon March. For that one, you’ll need to turn left after exiting the ship and going into the forest until you see a concrete structure. There you’ll find the log entry.

This log entry takes place after the September 7 incident that claimed Richard’s life. Sigurd notes that someone was indeed listening to them, albeit through a computer voice. He’s been assured that a replacement was on the way. The last part talks about hearing the screams behind the wall through a walkie-talkie.

Nonsense – Sep 27

Location: Rend. This one is the hardest to get. Mostly because visibility is nearly zero while walking across Rend. To get to this one, you’ll need to follow the guiding lights until you reach the first left turn. Look right and go past a few trees until you find the trench where the fire exit is located. From there, look back on the trench and look for the guiding light bouy on top of the frozen ridge. Move forward a bit until you stumble upon the side of the mountain. Follow it until you enter a valley. At the end of the valley is the log entry. Good luck getting back.

This is the final entry we can currently find in the game. In it, Sigurd writes that Desmond is on to something and he wants to keep the finding a secret for now. Sigurd doesn’t want the information hidden away.

It continues with the new crew member, Lucas. By all accounts, he is a scared intern who will find out the hard way about life with the company. Sigurd notes that at least he doesn’t smell like a monster.

Desmond traced the calls they’ve been getting from the company. Turns out they’re not even inside the company building. They are across the solar system. Why? We don’t know. The entry ends with what Sigurd thinks is inside the company building.

List of missing Sigurd log entries

The following list of entries cannot be found in the game. But these entries do exist in text form. A user that goes by the name of yefeyks on Steam has compiled the entries into one community forum. Hopefully, these entries get their own data log locations in a future patch.

  • Golden planet – Aug ??
  • Goodbye – Sep 7
  • Idea – Sep 19
  • Hiding – Sep 30
  • Desmond – Oct 15

And that’s everything I have for this data log entries guide for Lethal Company. I will update this article if and when the rest of the entries get their locations on the moons. In the meantime, you can try inputting the names of other people from Sigurd’s crew. For instance, typing ‘swit’ in the terminal will return corrupted data. Inputting ‘jess’ will bring up the jester bestiary entry. It’s a bit of a mess right now. Let’s hope that they get a chance to be fully fleshed out after more content is added to the game.