Lethal Company: How to Change Suits

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Lethal Company is a simple game in theory: you go to different moons and collect scrap while dodging hazards left and right. But nobody said you couldn’t do it in style. Or at the very least, a nice way to tell the bodies apart after they’ve been thoroughly introduced to the local fauna.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to change suits in Lethal Company via the in-game suit changer and the mods you can install. For the sake of this guide, I’ll focus on the in-game stuff you can do. But know that you can install mods that make suits look like your favorite streamer or popular characters, such as Nintendo’s Mario.

How to change suits in Lethal Company

How to change suits in Lethal Company

If you want to change suits in Lethal Company, you’ll have to go to the suit rack on the left side of the ship. If you’re playing the vanilla version of the game, you only have access to the default orange suit at the start of every run. To change suits, simply hover over the new suit and hold down the interact button until the changing process is complete.

Note: It should be noted that changing suits in the vanilla version of the game will not affect gameplay in any way. A more expensive suit will take the same beating as the default orange suit. I cannot vouch for the modded suits. They can be as ridiculous as the modder wants them to be.

How to get more suits in Lethal Company

How to get more suits in Lethal Company

The only way to get more suits right now is to buy them from the store. They will always be part of the ship’s decor selection. But you won’t get a wide selection to choose from the start. What you need to know about the decor selections is that they change once per quota. This means that you may have new colors to choose from after clearing the next quota. (There are a limited number of designs as of the writing of this article.)

The basic color swaps will cost you 60 credits. The pajama suit, on the other hand, changes the look of the suit by a lot more. That one will cost you around 900 credits. That’s 200 credits more than a trip to Titan.

Lethal Company Suit Rack

All the suits you collect will be displayed prominently on the suit rack. Even the default suit will appear there as well, in case you want to blend in with the crowd. There is no word yet if an expansion of the suit racks will be officially supported as an addition to the game.

Oddly enough, you cannot see your suit as you are in first-person view. The only way for you to even notice the change is for you to start emoting. Most notably, the ‘pointing at’ emote. At least there, you can see the sleeve of your suit. Best case, have one of your friends preview the suits you are interested in. The Hazard Suit, for example, has a large radiation symbol on its chest. It won’t help you survive large doses of radiation, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

And finally, like every decoration you add to your ship, it will all disappear should you fail to reach the quota. It sucks, but it is what it is for now. Hopefully, that will change in the future. Thanks for reading all the way to the end, dear reader.

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