Lethal Company: How to Deal with Baboon Hawks

Learn the ways to survive Baboon Hawk encounters and kill them in Lethal Company with the help of this guide.

Lethal Company How to Deal with Baboon Hawks

As the name implies, the Baboon Hawk in Lethal Company is an incredibly dangerous entity to deal with. It is a primate with a set of wings that can become territorial for pesky trespassers like us. Unfortunately, we have to deal with them in order to proceed with our tasks for the company.

How to deal with Baboon Hawks

The best way to deal with Baboon Hawks is in groups, as it deters them from being aggressive when they know they’re outnumbered. They can be killed by bashing them with a stop sign, shovel, or yield signs, and you’ll have a better chance to do so when you’re with a group.

Lethal Company Baboon Hawk Dealt with

Baboon Hawks aren’t immediately hostile. If they see you from a good distance, they’ll scream in your direction to deter you from entering their territory. Baboon Hawks can also travel in packs, where they’ll act more aggressively. Just know when to back away when you’re the one who’s outnumbered.

When you’re just observing Baboon Hawks, they’re really weird. They move by hopping around and are pretty fast. They usually dwell outside during daytime. Baboon Hawks won’t attack you unless they’re equal to or more than the players near you. Unfortunately, you’re only allowed to have a limited number of players at a time, but there is a way to play with more than 4 players with a little work.

Getting into fights with Baboon Hawks isn’t ideal. They can take at least 5 to 7 hits with a shovel to kill. So you’re going to have to outlast them should confrontation ever turn violent. If there’s more than one of them and you’re on your own, then there’s almost no chance of victory. To survive this monster, either stick with your friends or avoid it entirely.

That explains all the important details on how to deal with Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Lethal Company here.