Lethal Company: Where to Find the Secret Submarine

Lethal Company Secret Submarine Featured Image

There isn’t much in the way of secrets currently in Lethal Company. There are few hidden journal entries thanks in most part to Sigurd’s logs but you will probably be too busy trying to stay alive to even notice them.

One of the most talked about secrets within the community, however, has got to be the secret submarine. This guide will tell you where you can find it and what we think it means for the game going forward.

Where to Find the Secret Submarine in Lethal Company

The secret submarine can be found back at the Company building. The same place we always go to sell our scrap. But it’s not found in a place that’s readily accessible to most employees. As you may know, the company grounds is limited to just the top platform and lower area accessible only by a trapdoor. The submarine is located in between these two areas, in a shadowy platform with no proper path to get to it.

On the back side of the landing platform, you’ll find this cable running from a generator to a place underneath the landing platform. Use this wire to guide you to where the secret submarine is hidden.

Jump on top of the rail and drop down to the large pipe below. Visually follow the wire through the darkness. Slowly move forward and take a small jump into the darkness. This section of the understructure is pitch black, so I advise bringing a flashlight with you.

Look around the light edges until you see this light switch swinging in the open. Pull it to flood the place with light. Be very careful about walking inside the darkness. You can easily walk off the edge by accident.

And there in the middle of the illuminated platform is the secret submarine. At the moment it is only there as decoration. You can see words scrawled on the surface of the sub. At the front, you’ll see the word BATTERY. The words DON’T TELL can be seen on the side. If this isn’t a secret for future content, I don’t know what it is.

What do we do with the secret submarine?

At the moment, there’s nothing we can do with the secret submarine. It’s just there to look pretty, awaiting a future update. At least that’s my guess. But all around the sub’s area you can see things that require missing pieces. Like the missing battery sockets and the pedestal that’s clearly missing some components. You’ll also notice that this wire (pictured above) requires repairs.

We don’t know yet what items we need to repair the components. My guess is that it’s a combination of items we find during our trips to the moons. Who knows what they may be? But rest assured that I will find out what they are should that information be widely known. Stay tuned in the meantime.

And that’s everything I have on the secret submarine at the moment. Lethal Company is due for an update in the near future. Hopefully, this one includes some secrets that require us to do some item hunting.