Lies of P: All Record Locations Guide

This guide shares all the steps and locations to obtain the collectible Records in Lies of P.

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Records are one of the collectibles in Lies of P. Aside from being just mainly a collectible, Records can be played to listen to their songs, and they also serve a role in determining the ending that P will reach for his story.

Read ahead as we share the locations of all the Records in Lies of P.

All Record Locations in Lies of P

Some of the records are given as rewards for completing side quests, while some are being sold be Wandering Merchants for thousands of Ergos. There are also Ergos that are tied to a specific response and getting them will take at least a New Game+ playthrough.

1. Feel

Travel to the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer, then make your way to the section where you go over the rooftop. Take the scaffolding and move to the windows on the right side where you will see a silhouette of the Weeping Woman. Talk to her and she will ask for you help in locating a baby. Make your way to the Krat City Hall and before entering the building itself, look to the right where you will see a brute by the corpses. Up ahead is the blue flower that is the Broken Baby Puppet. Grab this puppet and go back the Weeping Woman. When she asks you about her baby, you can either lie or tell her the truth, depending on your playthrough. You will then be rewarded with the Feel Record after answering.

2. Divine Service

Go to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library, then go to the room on the left to find Sister Cecile. Explore the library and you will find the Holy Mark inside a room in the upper floor. Bring this item back to Sister Cecile. Then, proceed to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus and return to the location of Sister Cecile. She won’t be there anymore, but you can pick up the blue flower left nearby to get her note and the Divine Service Record.

3. Someday

Go to Malum District and proceed through the area until you get inside the Lobster Inn. Near the door that leads back to the Stargazer is a ladder that leads to the upper floor where the Wandering Merchant is at. The merchant is selling the Someday Record for 3,800 Ergo.

4. Fascination

Make sure to get the Krat Supply Box back at the Cathedral after defeating the shielder enemy. Take this box back to Polendina at the hotel and you will be able to purchase more items in the shop. Purchase the Red Apple, then travel to the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer. Go inside the opera house, then take the stairs to the left. Take the next set of stairs and then go to the hallway in the middle. Pass through the way to get to the balcony overlooking the swinging chandelier, then go to the left where you will see a door. You will meet Adelina; give the apple to her.

Proceed to defeat the King of Puppets, then go back to Adelina’s room where you will find her dead. Investigate her body to get the Fascination Record.

5. Quixotic

Make sure to get some Gold Coin Fruit with you, then defeat Champion Victor. Go the Grand Exhibition Conference Room where you will meet the two Stalkers. Give them the fruit to get the Quixotic Record.

6. Why

Progress through the story until Belle joins the hotel and you learn about the secret passageway behind Antonia’s portrait after curing Antonia from the petrification. Talk to Belle and you will start a side quest where you need to find her partner. Travel to the Krat Central Station and go to the stairs on the right side. Inside the train carriage, talk to the NPC and you will receive Atkinson’s Letter. Get back to the hotel and talk to Bell. You can choose to tell her the truth that Atkinson became a monster, or lie as per Atkinson’s wish. Either way, you will get the Why Record.

7. Far East Princess / Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1

Travel to the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field where you will see Alidoro by the campfire. You will have to attack and kill him in order to get the Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. Go to Venigni so that he can decrypt the vessel. You will then receive the decryption where you will learn that Alidoro is Eugénie’s brother. Talk to Eugenie and she will ask about Alidoro.

At this point, you can either tell her “I think he was just a talented Stalker” (lie) to get the Far East Princess Record, or tell her “He was Eugénie’s older brother” (truth) to get the Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 Record. You can only choose one per playthrough; it’s best to pick the one that aligns with your desired ending.

8. Misty E’rA

Decrypt the Rusty Cryptic Vessel so you can access the part of the Hermit Cave that is being guarded by a shielder enemy. Defeat the enemy and you will get the Misty E’rA Record.

9. Memory of Beach

Progress through the story until you reach the part where Polendina asks for your help to create the cure for Antonia’s petrification. Talk to Giangio to create the cure, then make sure to tell Polendina to give the cure to Antonia; telling him otherwise and letting Antonia die early will lock you out from getting the record. This will cause Antonia to live longer and allow you to talk to her for a special scene, but she will eventually pass away in a later chapter. Once you get the word from Polendina about Antonia’s death, go to her room and look at her wheelchair to get the Memory of Beach Record.

10. Shadow Flower

Travel to Ascension Bridge where you will have to defeat Laxasia the Complete. After defeating the boss, you will than have to go to Sophia and choose an option. You must choose “Give her peace” (lie) in order to get the Shadow Flower Record.

11. Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 (Golden) [NG+ exclusive]

Through a New Game+ playthrough, meet the Wandering Merchant at Ceresani Alley and you can purchase the Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 (Golden) Record for 6,000 Ergo. Do not proceed to defeat the Parade Master yet before purchasing this record as the merchant will be gone from his spot once the Parade Master has been defeated.

12. Quixotic (Golden) [NG+ exclusive]

Travel to the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer and purchase it from the Wandering Merchant for 10,000 Ergo.

13. Shadow Flower (Golden) [NG+ exclusive]

Travel to the Lorenzini Arcade Stargazer and purchase it from the Wandering Merchant for 10,000 Ergo.

14. Memory of Beach (Golden) [NG+ exclusive]

Travel to the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer and purchase it from the Wandering Merchant for 10,000 Ergo.

15. Fascination (Golden) [NG+ exclusive]

Talk to Test Subject 826 at the Arche Abbey Outer Wall, then defeat Laxasia the Complete. afterwards, go back to the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Stargazer and then make your way to the bridge near the theaters and where you first encountered Mad Clown Puppet. You can find Test Subject 826 at the bridge and you can purchase the record from him.

Lies of P: How to use the Records

Lies of P: How to use the Records

To listen to the Records that you have obtained, you can go to the Gramophone in Hotel Krat’s lobby, then choose from the list of records that you have. It will then play the song even if you exit the Gramophone screen and wander around the hotel.

The Records are somehow tied to experiencing the true ending of Lies of P as players will have to listen to all of the records that they have obtained from start to end in order to get the Golden Lie weapon from the portrait at Geppetto’s study. Obtaining all of the records will also unlock the Golden Melody Achievement.

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