Lies of P Dodge Issue to be Fixed Before Launch

No more awkward dodges!

Neowiz Games has recently stated that the Lies of P dodge issue will be fixed before the publisher releases the game worldwide.

The Lies of P game demo was recently released across all platforms but the feedback was all the same: the dodge was not that smooth compared to other Souls-like games. Some commented that it was frustrating to dodge enemy attacks, which took them out of the immersion. The developers have noticed this and are promising to make changes soon.

Lies of P Dodge to be Improved

In a new video where Director Jiwon Choi was interviewed, he revealed that the team would be making changes specifically on the Dodge mechanic after checking on fan feedback from the demo. “In Lies of P, dodging and guarding are one of the most crucial elements, alongside the P-Organ. Given the inherent intricacies of the game’s structure, it is imperative to handle these elements meticulously with great care.

“We are currently undergoing a comprehensive evaluation on the various aspects of the dodging system including the invincibility frames, distance mechanics, and more.

“Our team of developers is fully committed to delivering an exceptional combat experience that not only maintains the essence of enjoyment but also reflects the precise attention to detail required.”

Other Fixes Coming

Aside from the plans of fixing the dodge problem, there will be further improvements in combat overall. This will refine character movement, lock-on mechanics, and camera controls. Readability of enemy movements and patterns will be improved too.

The team is also focusing on perfecting the sensation of impactful hits. They want to make sure each strike evokes a gratifying sense of satisfaction for players.

“Our aspiration is to make Lies of P more inclusive for players to embrace the Soulslike genre and find joy in playing it,” Choi said.

Lies of P launches on September 19, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.