Lies of P: Trinity Key Riddle Answers and Trinity Sanctum Locations

This guide shares how to obtain the Trinity Keys and where to find the locations of all the Trinity Sanctums in Lies of P.

Lies of P Trinity Key Trinity Sanctum cover

Trinity Keys are special keys that are needed to access Trinity Sanctums in Lies of P. These sanctums are secret locations where valuable items such as collectibles and special cosmetics are stashed. Only the keenest explorers often find these sanctums, not to mention that the Trinity Keys can only be rewarded to those who are wise enough to solve the riddles.

Read ahead as we talk more about how to get the Trinity Keys and share the locations of all the Trinity Sanctums in Lies of P.

How to get Trinity Keys

Trinity Keys in Lies of P are obtained by answering Arlecchino’s riddles correctly. There are several phones found throughout the game where Arlecchino will be calling and giving out his riddles. There are only five Trinity Keys to collect, and it is possible to find a sanctum first before you get a key to open it; keys are not specific to a certain sanctum.

All Trinity Key Locations and Riddle Answers in Lies of P

Lies of P Trinity Keys can be obtained from the telephones in these locations:

  • Krat City Hall Courtyard (Chapter 2)
  • Malum District (Chapter 5)
  • Grand Exhibition Gallery (Chapter 7)
  • Krat Central Station Street (Chapter 9)
  • Krat Central Station Street, after opening all four previous Sanctums (Chapter 9)

Krat City Hall Courtyard Trinity Key

In Chapter 2, as you reach a bridge that leads to Venigni Works and before crossing it, head to the right path where you will hear the telephone ringing. Answer it and give the answer to the riddle which is Human.

Malum District Trinity Key

In Chapter 5, make your way to the square with the bonfire in the middle, then progress through the backstreets until you reach the upper rooms where you will hear the telephone ring. Answer it and give the answer to the riddle which is Candle.

Grand Exhibition Gallery Trinity Key

In Chapter 7, you will hear the telephone ring near the place where you meet Belle. The answer to this riddle is Egg, but you won’t get the key yet. Instead, Arlecchino gives you another riddle as a hint. Continue progressing forward and you will reach a lower level where you will see some statues. Rotate the statue on the right so that it’s mirrored to the one on the left. Once done, the secret compartment ahead will open up where you can get the key.

Krat Central Station Street

In Chapter 9, you will be sent back to Krat Central Station Street. Head back to the place where you first encountered one of the elite enemies (Milkman) and you will see the telephone (it rang in the early chapters, but it only sounded out a broadcast). The answer to this riddle is Ergo.

Relic of Trismegistus, The Chosen One’s Trinity Key

After opening the four Trinity Sanctums using the keys, proceed to Chapter 10 and venture in the Relic of Trismegistus until you have defeated the first elite soldier puppet. You will find the next telephone near the area full of bridges and platforms. Answer Arlecchino’s question with whatever answer you want based on your run (all truths/lies). You will be given the King of Riddles Surprise Box. Once you open this box, you will then be given with The Chosen One’s Trinity Key, plus a nasty surprise.

There have been reports that other players have received Arlecchino’s 5th riddle call through different telephones in previous chapters. Regardless of which telephone is used, the outcome will be the same.

All Trinity Sanctum Locations in Lies of P

Trinity Sanctums are often marked with a triangle symbol on a green gate. The Trinity Sanctums can be found in these locations:

  • Workshop Union Culvert (Chapter 3)
  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel (Chapter 4)
  • Estella Opera House Entrance (Chapter 6)
  • Krat Central Station Lobby (Chapter 9)
  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall (Chapter 11)

Workshop Union Culvert Trinity Sanctum

In Chapter 3, back in the location where you first met the two Stalkers, head to the passage that leads to the pipes, but instead of going left to the pipe, turn right, then let, then another right where you will find the sanctum. In here, you will get the Blue Blood’s Tailcoat Costume and a Quartz.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Trinity Sanctum

In Chapter 4, head back to the location in the cathedral where there are huge rolling electrified balls. Make it to the top of the first slope, then on to your right is a ladder that goes up to the second higher slope. Evade the next ball and hug the left wall to find the sanctum. In here, you will get the Black Cat’s Amulet and the Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel Costume.

Estella Opera House Entrance Trinity Sanctum

In Chapter 6, inside the opera house, go to the room that leads to the boss room, with the narrow beam and the swinging chandelier. Jump down into the lower floor below and you will find the sanctum. In here, you will get the Belford Superior Radiation Converter and a Quartz.

Krat Central Station Lobby Trinity Sanctum

In Chapter 9, from the Stargazer, head towards the gate up ahead, but before exiting, turn left to the bashed door to find the sanctum. In here, you will get the Workshop Master’s Workwear Costume and the Carrier’s Amulet +1.

Arche Abbey Outer Wall Trinity Sanctum

In Chapter 11, near the Stargazer, climb up the ladder, then continue climbing up the flights of stairs until you reach the top. Climb the next ladder and then go through the path inside the wall until you reach the next chamber. Go to the other end of the chamber and cross the wooden plank in the middle of the chamber back to the other side. Look to the left to find a ladder and use it to get down. Jump down to the very bottom of the chamber and you will find the sanctum.

Inside the sanctum is where you will find Arlecchino’s body. He will ask you a final question and you can answer if you are a puppet (truth) or a human (lie). Choose the answer that matches the run you’re going for. Either way, you will be given with the Alchemist’s Cape Costume and a Quartz. You will also unlock the End of Riddles Achievement for completing all the Trinity Sanctums.