Like a boss Monday: Patriarch (warning may contain spoilers)


Killing Floor is never complete without the one responsible for its chilling horror, its final boss’ Patriarch. According to the game’s lore Patriarch is the boss in Killing Floor. The Patriarch was a mad scientist CEO that founded Horzine named Kevin Clamely. He developed the The Zeds  for a super soldier program for Great Britain. He appears every after final round of the game. The Patriarch wears glasses, has tentacles sticking out of his body, and in the middle of his chest, is a tentacle grabber.

Patriarch definitely lives up to his title as beietfehte__1430754878_180.190.159.157ng the final boss in the horror game, Killing Floor. As if being the head of a zombie horde isn’t menacing enough, Patriarch is armed with different arsenal of weapons such as claws for hands, a chaingun and rockets with enough firepowe to wipe out an entire team if they foolishly stick too close enough and the capability to cloak himself , escorted with a creepy screamo background music, these arsenal of weapons and capabilities instills fear to any light hearted player. Depending on the difficulty, this final boss could be quite the merciless adversary but one definitely worth the title of final boss. Beating this boss would take a lot of teamwork. From planning the team’s lineup to strategizing actions, positions and procedures it takes careful planning, guts and a whole lot of luck into putting this boss into submission, Patriarch doesn’t fail to deliver the standards of a threatening and scary final boss.

Personally, what I like about this boss is that he is what every adrenaline rush seeking gamers would love. He is a machinegun waving-rocket launcher wielding-disappearing zombie boss in a horror- first person shooter genre video game. remembering my first encounter with this boss, not only is he a boss that brings intimidation due to his creepy voice and the creepy screamo rock music accompanying him, he also successfully inspires fear as he silently creeps his way into hunting us and my team, raining us with bullets and massacres anyone who managed to survive. Patriarch is truly a boss that will not fail to please the horror genre.