Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Substory #14 Neck-Deep in Love Guide

A guide on how to complete Substory #14: Neck-Deep in Love in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Substory 14 Neck-Deep in Love cover

Neck-Deep in Love is one of the substories in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Kasuga helps out a girl in sending out her love letter to the boy she likes. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to clear the Neck-Deep in Love substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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Substory #14: Neck-Deep in Love Location

The Neck-Deep in Love substory can be encountered at the west side of Aloha Beach after talking to Jeff at the Taco Truck at least once.

Substory #14: Neck-Deep in Love Walkthrough

To start the substory, approach the girl that is hiding behind some surfboards. She will get startled and dives into the sand to grab the letter that she’s holding. In doing so, her clothes get all dirty.

You then get to talk to the girl who introduces herself as Hamabe. She was planning to give the letter to her crush following a tradition that if the letter is given to the person that one likes while they are buried in the sand, they will have a greater chance of being accepted.

Hamabe doesn’t want to be seen by her crush with dirty clothes so she asks Kasuga to deliver the letter to him instead. She hands a picture of the boy she likes named Tanabe and points Kasuga to where he is being buried.

Kasuga arrives at the spot only to find out that there are a bunch more boys buried in the sand, making the search trickier.

Your task is to ask some of the buried boys and figure out where Tanabe has been buried; although you can already spot where Tanabe is at, you will still have to ask all the boys that have speech bubbles on them.

Once you have talked to all of the boys and narrowed down Tanabe’s location, you can then head over to Tanabe and talk to him; three more boys will have speech bubbles appear on their heads, talk to the one that has short hair with glasses.

You then hand the letter to Tanabe and lead him over at the coconut juice cart where Hamabe has been waiting with a fresh set of clothes. Tanabe also confesses that he wrote Hamabe a letter, but he was buried before he could give it to her. Hamabe then thanks Kasuga for helping her out and gives out the Courage Pendant which completes the substory.