Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Substory #13 Rock and Roil Guide

A guide on how to complete Substory #13: Rock and Roil in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Substory 13 Rock and Roil cover

Rock and Roil is one of the substories in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. A rock and roll artist and his team is trying to find ways to make huge winds blow for a music video that they need to shoot and Kasuga resorts to mystical ways to make it happen. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to clear the Rock and Roil substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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Substory #13: Rock and Roil Location

The Rock and Roil substory can be encountered in Chapter 3 in Aloha Beach behind the juicery after talking to Jeff at the Taco Truck at least once.

Substory #13: Rock and Roil Walkthrough

Start the story by talking to the guy surrounded by other guys fanning at him. The guy later introduces himself as Kazami Evolution, a rock star . He and his production team have been looking for way to make huge winds blow as part of the music video that they are planning to shoot. They resort to asking Kasuga for help after running out of options.

Head over to Crystal Aloha Resort to find a man in need of help. After helping him out, he will introduce himself as Thomas, a wind shaman who can conjure the winds to help people in need. Taking the opportunity and seeing no other choice, you ask him to help you out with Kazami Evolution’s problem. The catch is that Kasuga has to do it since Thomas has thrown his back and cannot do the ritual.

Go back to the beach where Kazami is and introduce Thomas to him. You then prepare and get into the shaman’s outfit as Thomas tells you how to do the ritual.

In order to do the ritual, you simply need to move the directional controls based on the ritual steps. The first step will have you bow up and down, then move left and right, and then finally spin around.

After a few moments, the wind starts to pick up and Kazami and his team immediately work on shooting their music video. Kazami then thanks Kasuga and Thomas for helping them and gives out the Def Boom Box.

Kasuga then wonders if he can also command the wind to die down which later reveals taht Tomas has been controlling the wind all along with the help of his wife who is driving a truck that has a huge industrial fan pointed at their direction. You will also unlock Kazami Evolution as a Poundmate.

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