Like a Dragon Ishin Combat Demo Now Available

Learn the various combat styles!

SEGA has now released the Like a Dragon Ishin Combat Demo, which allows players to try out the game for a limited time.

This playable combat demo will be a self-contained and isolated trial so the saves here cannot be transferred to the main game, unfortunately. SEGA did announce that there are chances to get free DLC weapons by just subscribing to the SEGA newsletter.

The purpose of this combat demo is to introduce the various fighting styles that Ryoma Sakamoto uses in the full game. There will be two locations for this demo and each has different types of opponents. SEGA says that it will take about 20 minutes to see every element in this demo.

The two weapons showcased are the Bonechewer katana and the Waterdrop Katana. These are optional swords that Ryoma can wield in the game. Just sign up for the newsletter before March 30, 2023 to get these freebies.

Aside from the combat demo, SEGA revealed a new skin for Ryoma Sakamoto, Dragon of Dojima Skin DLC, which will be included in the Like a Dragon Ishin Kiryu Skin Pack. It is included in the Digital Deluxe edition. It is one of the six optional DLC packs that are part of the bundle. The other DLC packs include costumes and cosmetic unlocks. These packs are:

  • Shinsengumi Captain’s Set
  • Ryoma Growth Support Kit
  • Sword Upgrade Materials Kit
  • Gun Upgrade Materials Kit
  • Third Divison Armament Expansion Kit
  • Dragon of Dojima Skin

There are also three weapons included in the bundle as well:

  • Kijinmaru Kunishige sword
  • Tsuyano Usukurenai sword
  • Black Ship Cannon
like a dragon ishin combat demo kazuma kiryu

Like a Dragon Ishin launches on February 21, 2023. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The early access for the digital deluxe owners starts on February 17, 2023.

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