Like a Dragon: Ishin Man in White Boss Fight Guide (Chapter 3)

How to defeat the Man in White in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Like a Dragon Ishin Boss Fight Man in White cover

The Man in White is one of the bosses that players will encounter in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Ryoma gets invited by the Shinsengumi’s Deputy Chief for a private meeting, but he’s actually put into another test by fighting against the Man in White to the death.

Read ahead as we go through the Man in White boss fight in Chapter 3 of Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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How to beat the Man in White in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 3

The fight against the Man in White happens in the final part of Chapter 3 when Ryoma goes to Gion under Deputy Chief Toshizo’s invitation.

The Man in White is an aggressive opponent and is also a skilled swordsman. It’s recommended to fight using the Swordsman style or the Wild Dancer style, but just make sure to keep your distance when using your firearm.

The Man in White’s attacks include a long combo and chase attacks that easily close the gap between you and him. He will also block almost all of the attacks that you initiate and break them on the second or third strike. The best way to land some hits is to sidestep as soon as he lunges or slashes, then wait for him to commit to a long combo before entering and slashing as he goes past you.

When the Man in White’s health goes down to around 50%, he will get enraged and a red aura will appear on his body. During this time, his attacks do more damage. He will also do a special attack where he opens his arms out to taunt you. Falling into this taunt will get you grabbed, punched, and stabbed and you won’t be able to counter it. Instead, simply step away and wait for him to slash his katana down which signals the end of this attack.

Remember to bring some ointment or meals for the fight, and it also helps to get new stronger weapons and gear to improve your damage, as well as improve your survivability.

Once you defeat the Man in White, you will be rewarded with the Ivory Sword. Despite Ryoma sparing his life, Toshizo kills him instead and reveals that he was once the Third Division Captain, Yamanami Keisuke. Toshizo then offers Ryoma the vacant position.

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