Like a Dragon: Ishin Okada Izo Boss Fight Guide (Chapter 1)

Strategies on How to defeat Okada Izo in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Okada Izo Chapter 1 cover

Okada Izo is one of the bosses that players will encounter in Like a Dragon: Ishin! He is one of the men that was taken in to join the Tosa Loyalist Party who cannot accept that an outsider like Ryoma gets to be promoted to a higher position instead of him.

Read ahead as we go through Okada Izo’s boss fight in Chapter one in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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How to beat Okada Izo in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 1

The fight against Okada Izo happens during the middle part of Chapter 1, just as Ryoma is about to return back to the Takechi Dojo.

This first fight against Izo can be a tough one, especially since he’s fighting along with four of his subordinates. Getting crowded by all of them is easy, so try to be aware of your positioning within the field. To make the fight less busy, you can take out the other enemies first, but be aware that Izo will be actively chasing you down with his aggressive attacks.

Izo’s attacks are a mix of long combos and turning attacks. It’s best to be on guard and weather the entire combo with your block, then wait for the end of the combo before doing your attacks. Izo also has turning attacks where he turns around and either slashes or stabs you; you can time your dodge with the Swordsman attack to clear it and immediately strike back.

Another strategy, this one which can help you deal with the rest of the enemies, is to switch to the Brawler style, take down an enemy, and do your finisher. This allows you to swing the enemy around and potentially hit the other nearby enemies and deal massive damage.

Going for either the Gunman or Wild Dancer styles may not be as helpful unless you have enough space between you and the enemies to deal damage with the pistol.

Right after the previous fight against the ronin, you’ll have a chance to explore the Tosa before heading back to the dojo. Use this time to buy some medicine over at Chitose Provisions in case you need to heal up in the middle of the fight.

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