Like a Dragon: Ishin Okada Izo Boss Fight Guide (Chapter 2)

How to defeat Okada Izo in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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Okada Izo is one of the bosses that players will encounter in Like a Dragon: Ishin! After being told by a mysterious man to visit Mukurogai to find the answers that he needs, Ryoma meets up with Okada Izo once more, who turns out to be the same mysterious man. Izo still wants to hold a rematch as he cannot accept to be defeated by an outsider.

Read ahead as we go through the Okada Izo’s boss fight in Chapter 2 in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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How to beat the Okada Izo in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 2

The fight against Okada Izo happens in the latter part of Chapter 2 during Ryoma’s visit in the slums of Mukurogai.

The fight in Chapter 2 is not much different as when you first fight him in Chapter 1. He will still be wielding his sword and accompanied by some of his men. The main difference will be the damage that he’ll do as he has grown significantly stronger from the previous fight.

Izo is still capable of doing long combos, so it’s best to dodge these combos instead of initiating an attack, then punishing Izo right after. Izo will also be on the defense and will block and parry most attacks with little to no openings unless he’s in the middle of a combo himself. Also, prepare for a QTE once his health drops at around 40%, otherwise he can deal a significant amount of damage.

The fighting styles that work best are the Swordsman and the Wild Dancer, with the former having a good balance between offence and defence, and the latter leaning more on offence. Wild Dancer’s rapid dodges can help you reposition quickly to take advantage of openings, but the pistol attacks may prove ineffective as Izo can simply close the gap. Plus, the Wild Dancer can also take care of multiple enemies with its wild shot that can keep them at bay.

Remember to use medicine in case your health gets too low. It also helps if you check the arms dealer in Mukurogai first to check on the new weapons you can wield before heading in to the fight. Don’t forget to equip the loin cloth that you obtained from the earlier fight with the Large Man to get some added defence.

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