Like A Dragon Ishin Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are a few things to consider before diving straight into the Like a Dragon Ishin Platinum Trophy Run

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Like a Dragon Ishin is an upcoming action-adventure brawler remake set in Feudal Japan. This game is to be confused with “Yakuza Ishin”, the 2014 PS4 launch title. Both games are similar yet very different at the same time. This can be seen most prominently on their trophy lists. You will find that this PS5 version is a little friendlier when it comes to trophies.

In this trophy guide, we’ll give you some tips on how to get Platinum in Like a Dragon Ishin. Be prepared, however, as there’s a lot of socializing and betting on chickens involved in this trophy run.

There are a total of 56 trophies to collect in Like a Dragon Ishin:

  • 1 Platinum trophies
  • 2 Gold trophies
  • 5 Silver trophies
  • 48 Bronze trophies

Like a Dragon Ishin Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Bakumatsu Boss: Collected all trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Legend of an Era: Completed the game on Legend difficulty
  • Taskmaster: Brought the Completion List to 100%

Silver Trophies

  • Hero of Nation: Completed the final chapter
  • Ultimate Champion: Complete every Ultimate Challenge
  • Divinely Virtuous: Earned at least 300,000 Virtue in total
  • The Gods Hath Been Humbled: Completed all tasks in the Diligence Records
  • Limit Breaker: Broke Ryoma’s stats beyond their limits

Bronze Trophies

  • Home, Sweet Home: Set foot in Tosa
  • Losing a Brother: Completed Chapter 2
  • A Messy Investigation: Completed Chapter 4
  • That Was Close!: Completed Chapter 6
  • The Bottom Drops Out: Completed Chapter 8
  • Secrets Revealed: Completed Chapter 10
  • Cold Betrayal: Completed Chapter 12
  • Halfway There: Brought the Completion List to 50%
  • Nominally Virtuous: Earned at least 10,000 Virtue in total
  • Fairly Virtuous: Earned at least 50,000 Virtue in total
  • Extraordinarily Virtuous: Earned at least 100,000 Virtue in total
  • The Gods Smile Upon Thee: Completed 5 tasks in the Diligence Records
  • The Gods Rejoice at Thee: Completed 20 tasks in the Diligence Records
  • The Gods Sing Thy Praises: Completed 50 tasks in the Diligence Records
  • Making a Difference: Completed your first Bond
  • Every Loves Ryoma: Completed all Bonds
  • Social Butterfly: Reached max Social Rank in one of the locales
  • I’ll Have One of Everything: Ordered at least one item at every restaurant
  • Kyo’s Little Helper: Completed 10 Substories
  • Saint of Kyo: Completed 40 Substories
  • Saviour of Kyo: Completed all Substories
  • Student Among Masters: Trained with each master of combat
  • You’ve Got Soul: Unlocked 10 abilities with Soul Orbs
  • On the Level: Reached Level 50
  • This is MY Ring!: Won 10 arena battles
  • Revelation Reveler: Attained all Revelations
  • Bring Down the Hammer: Enhanced equipment 100 times
  • Showoff: Defeated 100 enemies with Special Moves outside Ultimate Challenges
  • The Abyss Stares Back: Entered a Battle Dungeon 3 times
  • Bandit Rustler: Cleared the Bandits’ Cave
  • Bandit Wrangler: Cleared the Bandits’ Mine
  • Sanada Takedown: Cleared the Sanada Stronghold
  • Drop and Give Me 100: Gathered 100 troopers for the Third Division
  • Tengu Tamer: Helped the Tachibanagumi bring the Tengu to justice
  • An Honest Day’s Work: Grew different kinds of plants in the garden
  • Chef’s Special: Cooked 7 different dishes
  • Side Hustler: Fulfilled 10 trade orders at your second home
  • A Well-Rounded Cast: Caught a total of 10 fish
  • Platonic Bliss: Watched a Slice of Life event at your second home
  • World’s Greatest Uncle: Paid off Haruka’s debt in full
  • Now it Feels Like Home: Changed the interior design of your second home
  • The Man Who Does it All: Played every minigame
  • Easy come, Easy Go: Tried your hand at each type of gambling
  • Noodle-Slinger Supreme: Made at least 10 ryo in sales at the Udon Shop
  • Sing Your Heart Out: Performed every song at Utamaruya
  • Lord of the Dance: Performed every dance at Nichibuza
  • Cocksure: Placed bets on 5 chicken races
  • Like a Dragon in Heaven: Cleared each of the courtesan minigames.

Hidden Trophies

  • Home, Sweet Home
  • Losing a Brother
  • A Messy Investigation
  • That Was Close!
  • The Bottom Drops Out
  • Secrets Revealed
  • Hero of a Nation
  • Legend of an Era
  • Ultimate Champion
  • Showoff

Before we get started, you should know that if you are aiming for the platinum trophy, you’re going to have to get really familiar with Ryoma and the cast of characters around them. With the number of tasks and activities in hand, you may be looking at over 100 hours of play. The trophy list may be long but it’s not all that difficult, especially if you played the game on Normal first.

The Completion List is our guiding light with regard to everything on this list. Getting this done will put a considerable dent in your trophy run. After that, you should be aiming for a higher Social Rank with the locales and bond-building with the residents, if you haven’t already been doing so already.

To unlock the Saviour of Kyo trophy, you’ll need to complete all 79 substories the game throws at you. You don’t get access to them right away, of course. More substories are unlocked per chapter. It’ll benefit you greatly to finish them as they appear so you don’t have to do a whole at once.

Similarly, to unlock The Gods Hath Been Humbled trophy, you’ll have to complete all 65 tasks in the Diligence Records. They are broken down into:

  • 25 Adventure Diligence Records
  • 19 Another Life Diligence Records
  • 14 Friendship Diligence Records
  • 7 Battle Diligence Records

From what we can tell so far from Like a Dragon Ishin, there are no new friendships past chapter 5. It is highly advisable to do all substories and friendships before you pay the Shinsengumi headquarters another visit.

Don’t worry too much about earning Vitue. As long as you keep chipping away at the Completion List, you’ll get that 300,000 Virtue, and some change.

For The Man Who Does It All and Easy Come, Easy Go trophies, you just need to play the minigames. No requirement to win or anything, you just need to try them out and it should count toward progression.

My last bit of advice is to do the first playthrough in Normal mode. There’s still the Legend of an Era trophy to do, and unless really want to, you can play the whole game on Legend mode right off the bat. In which case, more power to you.

And that’s all for this LIke a Dragon Ishin Trophy Guide. Looking back on this game, it’s not all that different from the Yakuza games. You have your town, your friends, the people you help to get out of binds, and all sorts of over-the-top weirdness that goes on. If you really like how the Yakuza games do their thing, there’s no reason why won’t like this Samurai story.

Check out this Like a Dragon Ishin, Dragon of Dojima DLC skin for Ryoma courtesy of publisher SEGA.

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