Lords of the Fallen Heavy PC Requirements Explained by Devs

Console versions also confirmed to have two graphic modes.

Hexworks explains the Lords of the Fallen heavy PC requirements and confirms the two modes for console versions.

Lords of the Fallen PC Requirements Explained

Lords of the Fallen PC requirements are quite heavy even for its minimum system requirements. Players are worried about such high requirements so the developers explain the reason for such need. Executive Producer Saul Gascon and Creative Director Cezar Virtosu spoke to Eurogamer at a recent preview event for more details about it.

“What is important for us is that whenever we put [out] minimum specs, like [Nvidia] 10 series, basically, the game runs well and looks good,” Gascon said. “So we play of course with that, we do 720p and then upscale.”

Gascon stated that if you have a “super crap GPU” then you will most likely have a bad experience and that is not something the development team wants. “Yes, you can try, but we don’t recommend.”

“Basically our minimum specs is also our statement of our minimum quality bar,” he added.

“It’s still playable, but the main issue is that the FPS is not where you’re gonna want it to be, when it matters,” Virtosu said. “And you might miss our Umbral ladders,” he revealed.

Gascon also revealed that running the game on minimum specs will just provide players with just 720p and 30fps.

“Minimum specs is 30[fps], 720[p]. It looks really good and it plays it plays nicely. [If you] want 60fps then you’d need better. Or you can just reduce your graphic settings.”

“We’re gonna be hovering around 45-50fps, is my experience,” Virtosu revealed.

Console Graphic Modes

Virtosu also revealed the game will launch with a quality mode at 30fps and a performance mode at 60fps. “Actually, visually, they are very close to each other. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which screenshot comes from which version.”

Lords of the Fallen launches on October 13, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.