Lost Ember – Review

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November 22, 2019
Mooneye Studios
Mooneye Studios
PS4, Xbox One, PC
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Ever wanted a game where you can just explore and relax? A game that provides pure bliss and serenity. A game where you can get lost in its beauty. A game where you don’t have to worry whether you will ever see the Game Over screen. Lost Ember gives you just that.

Lost Ember is a casual exploration adventure. You are a lost soul trapped in a fox’s body. A spirit awakens you and asks you how you got into this place. You then go on a journey with a spirit flame who guides you into memories that have occurred in your past life.

The controls are very simple for this game so it really complements with how relaxing the game is. The gameplay is very simple as the path seems to be very linear and yet open at the same time. The spirit flame will ask you to investigate smoke pillars in the areas that once you touch them, memories come pouring forth out of it. Telling you the stories contained within.

Your goal in each location is to find the smoke pillar that will allow you to break the barrier that prohibits you from possessing animals. Once you find that specific smoke pillar, you can then run headfirst into the barrier, freeing you from the shackles of limitations.

Speaking of possessing animals, it is one of the most important aspects of the game. Possessing animals is key here as they help you get to your destination. There are times where you will ha e to figure out that a certain animal is needed so you can get to the next area. Each animal has its own unique ability which you can easily tell because of what they are. One of my favorites is the hummingbird as it can fly so fast that the world becomes a blur of colors. It’s fascinating how the game captures that effect.

You can actually play with the animals too. There will be times that the game will prompt you to interact with plants or objects in the game and sometimes your animal will momentarily act on their own like eating a plant or rolling around like a bowling ball.

If you also like collecting things, the game also has you covered. Scattered throughout the world are plants and things that are part of a collection. You will have to look carefully for them though or you will miss out. Some collectibles can only be acquired if you possess certain animals so make sure to explore every nook and cranny with each of the animals.

The visuals of the game are just breathtaking. You can really just get lost in the beauty and glory of its world. From the blinding sunlight that lights your way. To the flowing rivers and lakes that sparkle in the daylight. The fields that rustle through the winds. And the leaves that get swept away. Sometimes I would just let go of the controller and take in all of the beauty that the game provides.

The sound effects are on point. You can even distinguish the sound whenever you are swimming with the fishies or soaring through the air with the ducks. The soundtrack goes well with hoe serene and calms the game is.

There is no game over to this game and no time limits. You just really play it at your own pace. I actually tested this out by purposefully jumping off a cliff. The game just blacks out and respawns you back at the point before you jump off. There are no life trackers or health points so the game really is very forgiving. And there really are no enemies in the game. It’s just you the player against the environment. (Note: no animals were harmed during this gameplay)

Since this is an exploration game, there really is not much of an incentive to replay the game. There are no challenges to be had so the game can feel a little repetitive and boring. But given the fact that it presented itself as such, I can’t blame it for its faults. It really is just a game for someone who just wants some peace and quiet.

Overall, Lost Ember is the type of game that you play when you want to take a break from the stress that the world gives you or from games that could also cause the same said stress. It’s a beautiful tapestry of breath-taking sceneries and mind-relaxing soundtrack. If you are looking for a game to de-stress or just want to escape the harsh reality of the world, then I highly recommend this game to you.

Lost Ember – Review
Score Definition
We tell you, it’s a good game! It’s not average! It might have some problems here and there, but you have to admit it is a “Good” game.
Breath-taking scenery
On point sound effects
Adorable animals
No challenging aspects
Can get boring the more you play
Only good for exploration