Lost Judgment Sega Master Games Can Be Played Between North American and Japanese Releases

No modern localization was done for these masterful classic games.

The upcoming Lost Judgment video game offers players to enjoy some nostalgia by allowing them to play the classic Sega Master system within the game. They can play some awesome classic games, but the English localization of the main game, some might wonder if it will extend to these mini games as well.

Localization Producer Scott Strichart has recently shared some insight with media outlet Siliconera in regards to this.

According to Strichart, there is no localization for the Lost Judgment Sega Master minigames. In fact, these are all in their original states, and of course with their old bugs and issues. Actually, players can play these games and swap between the North American and Japanese releases if they want to. They can tell the differences and what the original localization teams did for the wester releases.

“Who are we to step in and make changes to that?” shared Strichart. “If you can’t tell, I’m big on games preservation.”

So, for those who are into real, deep nostalgia moments for their old-school Sega games, they can have it here on Lost Judgment. They can enjoy it all from both original versions, visuals, sounds, and gameplay.

Lost Judgment launches on September 21, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PS5.