Love is in the Air: Games To Play On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You may be one of those people who is preparing for that perfect date or even just a simple quiet moment just to celebrate the occasion. Or you could also be one of those people who have yet to find their special someone and hoping to find them before that day. Or maybe you just can’t be bothered to celebrate it. Whatever the case may be, you probably would want to play games instead. So we’ve come up with a list of games that might take your mind off or play together with the love of your life.

For Honor

Just in time for Valentine’s, this new entry from Ubisoft is a game that a lot of people are looking forward to play. Launches exactly on February 14th, it’s a game where you can team up with your partner. If you are feeling a bit revengeful, you can also enjoy this game’s visceral gameplay as you hack off the head of your enemies. It’s a sure-fire way to strengthen that bond with your partner or forget about how you are going solo for that day.

Resident Evil 7

Why you ask? It’s the best way to impress your special someone. Play a game so terrifying that they cling to you in fright. It will also impress them how courageous you are if you can get through this game without pissing your pants off. Or if you are going solo, the game gives you a virtual girlfriend in the form of Mia or ditch her and get Zoe instead. At least this game gives you choices, right?

Grand Theft Auto V

If you’re feeling like Bonnie and Clyde, this is the perfect game for you and your partner. GTA Online is a great way to wreak havoc in town without being arrested by the police for it. This is the perfect simulator game for you to do whatever you want. Take them to a movie, go parachuting, go have a cruise on your yacht or maybe just have a quiet moment at the beach during sunset. The things that you might not be able to do in real life or even if you’re just too lazy to do it, you can do all of that here.


Overwatch has been growing popularity since it launched. If you have the money, why not buy one for your significant other so you can both play on Valentine’s day. This is a good game to test the limits of your communication. Are you giving each other the correct directions? Are you in tune with each other that a single “yes” or a single look lets you know what each other means. And if you’re going solo, it’s the perfect place to forget about the world and just rack up the points in game for that perfect Play of the Game moment.

League of Legends / DoTA 2

If you’re feeling a bit short on cash, you can always opt for the free MOBA games that are popular out there. League of Legends is more geared towards people who wants to dip their toes into MOBA. This is a good excuse to teach your significant other a few tricks here and there, if you already are good at the game. For soloers, Valentine’s day is a good excuse to reach that next level of rank.


DoTA 2 on the other hand, is geared towards people who are experienced and wants a more challenging game. You might have an experienced significant other so this would be the perfect game to play with them. There’s also a new event going on right now that you both can enjoy playing.


So there you have it, these are just a few of the games that I would recommend you play on V-day. The most important thing though is that you spend V-day however you like with your significant other and that they would appreciate it and feel your love. But if you have yet to find your “destiny” why not hop on over to a multiplayer game and see if you connect with that someone whoever your preference may be. Or get off your butt and go out into the world! Don’t be scared! Life is just but another game that you need to win. Well if you lose though, just hit that restart button and try until you get it right. If you have any suggestions or violent reactions feel free to let us know in the comments!