Mark-on Staff Gets Leave on Friday Due to Monster Hunter Rise Launch

With the hype of Monster Hunter Rise launch in Japan and the rest of the world this Friday, one company has made a good decision for their employees.

monster hunter rise

According to a recent post by CEO of Japanese VR/AR developer Mark-on Jack Masaki on Twitter, he realized that many of his staff are already hyped for the release of the upcoming game. He thought that it would be a good thing to give them something fun to do on launch day and anyway, they would be too distracted to work. He then sent an email company-wide to let everyone know that they are getting Friday off.

This was translated by another Twitter user Gaijinhunter. It was a nice gesture for those in the gaming industry and also know that this type of hype will definitely interfere with work. Besides, there were several employees already that have filed for leave for that day.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch this Friday, March 26 for Nintendo Switch.