Marvel’s Avengers to Have Tons of Accessibility Features and Options

Marve's Avengers Iron Man

Upcoming third person action-adventure video game Marvel’s Avengers will be released this coming Sept. 4 and is currently in development by Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Eidos Montreal and NIXXES. The game publisher is Square Enix.

The development team is currently working hard in developing the game and making it as broadly accessible with everyone. Senior Community and Social Media Manager Meagan Marie and Game Designer Mariah Robinson recently talked with Square Enix West Accessibility Lead Améliane Chiasson about the new accessibility features that the game will have.

The two interviewees are strong accessibility advocates at Crystal Dynamics. They want every gamer, especially the disabled, to enjoy the upcoming game. It is now their mission to give as many accessibility features to the players so it can customize their experience to fit their playstyle. Marie shared that there will be many options to expect and those could change over time to improve on it.

Marie is especially excited for the high contrast user interface since it can make it easier for low-vision users to navigate through the game. Some gamers have trouble going through some UIs in other games because it looked distracting and difficult to use, but in this game it will be easier for them. She praised the UI team for a really good job for this feature.

Robinson shared that there will be a lot of features for Marvel’s Avengers. Players can expect fully remappable controls, character-associated subtitles, campaign-relevant closed captions, and the most awaited HARM Training Rooms.

The team is currently looking into more options and features that could help make the game more accessible for everyone. Robinson promised that more information will be shared in the near future.

With Crystal Dynamics’ advocacy for accessibility for everyone, it can be expected that there will be a lot of options to go through and choose from. Hopefully it will not be that many and can be categorized to common denominator to make it more orderly.

The game will launch on Sept. 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

Interview source: Official Website