Marvel’s Avengers to Add Hawkeye with New-Gen Versions on March 2021

Game company Square Enix recently announced that the new-gen versions of video game Marvel’s Avengers will be released next month.

Players will be able to upgrade to the new-gen version of the game on March 18. This will make the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have the chance to upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions with improved visuals and features. Aside from that, Clint Barton Hawkeye will be added on the same date as a new playable Super Hero. The new gen upgrade will be free of charge.

Clint Barton will be added to the roster in the upcoming Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect event at no cost to owners of the core game on all platforms. Aside from that, it will also add a new powerful villain called the Maestro. He is a version of Hulk with Bruce Banner’s brains and Hulk’s strengths and abilities. He has become mad in an apocalyptic future.

About Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S
The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S version of Marvel’s Avengers offers higher framerates and enhanced visuals compared to current generation of consoles at up to 4K resolution on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and 1440p for Xbox Series S. The game utilizes the consoles’ built-in SSD for dramatically faster loading and streaming times and takes advantage of their graphics power and memory to deliver higher-resolution textures, farther draw distances for high-resolution models, improved heroics and armor destruction, and other enhancements that leverage the full might of these new consoles to make gamers truly feel like a Super Hero.

Players who transfer their profiles and save games to next-gen consoles continue the action right where they left off. In addition, cross-gen play is supported so PS5 connect and play with their friends on PS4 and Xbox Series X|S players can connect with their friends on Xbox One.

About Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Hawkeye– Future Imperfect
Future Imperfect’s story picks up in the wake of Clint Barton’s protégé Kate Bishop’s Operation, Taking AIM and can be played solo or with up to three friends to deliver the ultimate Super Hero experience. Players will learn more about Hawkeye’s quest to find Nick Fury, leader of SHIELD, who he believed could help stop the rise of AIM. What he uncovered instead was a dangerous new weapon being built by Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini that could change the fate of humanity. Along the way, Clint finds himself wrapped up in a time-bending experiment, journeying to a future Earth destroyed by cosmic forces and inhabited by Maestro, an older, twisted version of Hulk who is as smart as he is strong.

The lead-up to Future Imperfect began with Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM, which launched on December 8, 2020. In Taking AIM, Kate Bishop, master archer and skilled gymnast, resurfaced after her investigation of Nick Fury’s disappearance following A-Day led to Hawkeye going missing as well. As she unravelled the mystery behind the sudden appearance of time-warping Tachyon Rifts, she uncovered a twisted new plan from AIM, which pushed her to work with the Avengers once again.

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