Marvel’s Iron Man VR Experience To Be As ‘Seamless As Possible’ Says Studio Founder

Marvels Iron Man VR

In recent news, the upcoming PlayStation VR-exclusive game, Marvel’s Iron Man VR, has gone gold. The upcoming PSVR title also has a bundle at launch, so if you’re an Iron Man fan and want to explore the skies in the Marvel universe, then this is a VR game on PlayStation you might be interested in.

PlayStation VR, as we all know, is the most consumer-friendly priced equipment compared to Oculus and HTC Vive. All you need to have is a PS4 (may it be standard or Pro) and the headset then you’re all set. However, it’s also not the powerful VR headset in the market, so there’s those limitations.

According to Camouflaj’s founder, Ryan Payton, in an interview with 8bitsland, the studio wanted to make sure that players experience in the game would be “as seamless” experience as possible. “There are limitations with technology,” says Payton. “So we do some interesting things to make it as seamless an experience as possible. Most of this is under the hood though.”

He also added that the last thing he wants players to think is the hardware, so may it not be powered by a strong console like on a standard PS4, the experience will still be something spectacular that everybody could hope for.

“The last thing we want players to do is to think about the hardware, we want them to think about being Iron Man. That’s been one of her main development goals from the very beginning.” Payton added.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be available on July 3 on VR for PS4.

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