Marvel’s Midnight Suns Combat Overview Trailer Released

Learn the ropes!

marvel's midnight suns

Firaxis has released the new Marvel’s Midnight Suns Combat Overview trailer.

The new trailer showcases the awesome combat system of the game. Players will first have to choose three characters for their squad for a mission. They will then have to choose the ability cards that they can bring in the fight, which will be limited. Each hero will have their own deck of cards and players will have to choose a few of them only. They will also have to prepare their equipment before they can start the mission.

The video then proceeds to showcase how combat would work on the battlefield. Players can choose various abilities to attack enemies, use cards that are randomly selected from the deck that was brought, and strategically position characters and make use of the radius of their attacks.

One of the interesting points that were shown in the video was the way the characters interact with explosive objects. If they are within range, they can be exploited to deal tons of damage on enemies that are nearby. Of course, if allies are also close, they must not recklessly touch them or else they might knock them out of gameplay. Such objects can destroy multiple enemies all at once, which will be helpful in clearing out crowds.

Skill cards can be used for offensive power, increase defensive stats, add resistance to certain elements, heal allies, and many more. With the right cards getting pulled in one turn, it will definitely turn the tide for the players.

Build up Heroism to a certain extent in order to unleash the ultimate abilities of a character. It will have various effects on the battlefield and might even destroy multiple enemies in one shot. They are very important abilities to use when things go awry and need leverage to turn things around.

marvel's midnight suns combat overview trailer

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches on December 2, 2022. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.