Marvel’s Midnight Suns Welcome to the Abbey Trailer Released

Check out the home base!

Firaxis and 2K have recently released Marvel’s Midnight Suns Welcome to The Abbey Trailer.

According to the new trailer, The Abbey is the headquarters for the Midnight Suns team will be based on. Here, players will interact with the other team members comprised of powerful superheroes recruited first and the upcoming individuals joining them in their fight.

As “The Hunter”, players will be training with the most powerful superheroes of Marvel comics like Dr. Strange, Captain America, Blade, and many more. In The Abbey, players can interact with other heroes in various ways like physical training, mental training, relaxation, meditation, entertainment, increasing relationships with members, and many more.

The Abbey is an old castle hidden in a pocket dimension within Salem, Massachusetts. Aside from training and member interaction, The Hunter can plan out strategies from there too and there is an area called The Forge which has not been explained yet. This could be where players could create or build new outfits, armor, weapons, and more.

There is also a tease that The Abbey has secret rooms that will have challenges for players to overcome. These challenges might unlock something within The Abbey and reveal bigger spaces to use.

marvel's midnight suns welcome to the abbey

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches on December 2, 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.