EMF Experiments Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Here's how to complete all EMF Experiment puzzles and unlock the Foundational Trophy.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 All EMF Experiments Solutions Featured Image

EMF Experiment missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 become available after completing the ‘Healing the World’ main story mission. There are nine EMF Experiments spread across a couple of major points in the main story. The last EMF Experiment mission is not unlocked until you finish the final main story mission.

Little Tokyo: Plant Science

Little Tokyo Planet Science Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Little Tokyo: Plant Science Map Location

The experiment starts with you collecting different kinds of plants. All you need to do is follow the vines that your scanner reveals. It will lead you to the plants that you’ll need. The plants themselves will be growing out of walls and such, so be prepared for some wall climbing.

Once you have all three samples, it’s time to splice them together. You can use the image above if you want to know a possible solution.

Finally, with all the samples in your possession, it’s time to water the plants. This will be similar to how you handled the vines. Follow the pipes until you see the water leaks. Then, you’ll want to aim at them by holding L2 and webbing them with R1 for good measure. Be prepared to toss boxes and move carts. You can listen to the sound of running water for the last leak located on the wall below the rooftop deck.

Portside: Plant Science

Portside Planet Science Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Portside: Plant Science Map Location

First, you have to analyze the water and remove the corrupted atoms.

Next, you reach the docks, go between the poles and catch fish as you see them. Get close to where the fish are located and web-yank them out of the water. You can usually see the shadow and the wake they leave as they swim through the water. This shouldn’t take too long. You only need one sample before going back to the plants.

For the last part, you are required to put everything together and create a new species of plant that’s immune to the pathogen in the water. You can look at the picture above for a possible solution.

Central Park: Bee Drones

Central Park Bee Drones Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Central Park: Bee Drones Map Location

This experiment site may be located in the Upper West Side district, but the whole thing takes place in Central Park. Dr. Young wants you to run even more machine-learning trials using bee drones.

Destroy 12 targets to destroy the first part of the trial. The next part of the trial sees your drone dropping pheromones in locations of potential nest sites. Just fly through the flags to mark that location. Go to 7 sites, and you’re done.

Central Park: Energy

Central Park Energy Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Central Park: Energy Map Location

This one sees Peter Parker wearing civilian clothes and taking an experimental bike on a spin around the park.

There are ten checkpoints placed around the park. The test requires you to bike through them.

After passing the fifth checkpoint, something goes wrong. The battery goes haywire, and Peter must return to the bike station quickly and end the experiment before someone gets hurt. You have less than 1:30 to return to the station before the battery explodes.

There’s no need to rush this part. You’ll still want to control which direction the bike goes. People are walking the paths, and you don’t want to bump into them if you can help. Look for the mark indicating where the next checkpoint will be.

When you cross the 9th checkpoint, you can use some of that collected energy for a speed boost. Follow the signs, take the jumps, and use the boost only if clear.

Queens Apiary: Bee Drone

Queens Apiary Bee Drones Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Queens Apiary: Bee Drone Map Location

This experiment site is located in Little Odessa. It’s a continuation of the bee drone machine-learning experiments you’ve been doing for a while now.

The first part requires you to destroy 20 targets using as few shots as possible. The apiary is located on a small rooftop, so it shouldn’t take you long to reach the target number. Just be mindful of the rats that go between the gaps in boxes.

By the time you shoot the 15th target, an unidentified predator is detected. Your next task is then to shoo away this bee-eating bird back to wherever it came from. Press the Triangle button to enter Sonic Mode and make the drone shoot a sonic laser that’ll drive away the bird. Follow the bird back to its home to end the experiment.

Brooklyn Heights: Energy

Brooklyn Heights Energy Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Brooklyn Heights: Energy Map Location

This one asks Spider-Man to bring a set of turbines to an acceptable altitude. The best way to do this is with the help of Web-Wings. But I have to ask how Peter Parker was going to do this experiment without using wings.

The Web-Wings alone aren’t enough to give you the required lift. So you will need the help of wind currents to get to the correct height.

Once you’re at the right height, press the Square button to deploy the wind turbine. You will need to do this five times in total.

As soon as you’ve deployed the last turbine, you get an alert that one of them has been compromised. Hunters will arrive and you must eliminate them first, then you can throw the troubled turbine by press L1 and R1 simultaneously.

Prospect Park: Bee Drones

Prospect Park Bee Drones Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Prospect Park: Bee Drones Map Location

This is the second experiment site in Downtown Brooklyn and the last training session for the bee drones. Shoot the simulated predators, flag down potential nesting sites, and call it a day. If only it worked out like that.

On your way to flag the 4th location, a couple of crooks snatch up the bee drone. Spider-Man now has to find the garage where the drone is being stored. To reactivate the drone, you’ll have to go to three possible rooftops and press the Triangle button to try to see if the drone is close by. If the drone reactivates, you’re in the right spot.

Now that you have control of the drone again use its sonic laser to free the trapped bees and give Spider-Man an opening to beat up the bad guys.

Two Bridges: Plant Science

Two Bridges Planet Science Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Two Bridges: Plant Science Map Location

This experiment located in the Financial District is about cassava plants and helping to create a new, more productive strain. Your first task is to go to ESU to get samples from another plant that grows at an impressive rate.

Unfortunately, thieves broke into the greenhouse and stole the cassava plant. You’ll need to follow the pollen trail back to their hideout.

The rooftop hideout is crawling with thugs. You have the option to take them out stealthfully or go in webs blazing. Either way, it’ll result in you returning the sample for testing.

The thugs track you down to F.E.A.S.T. before you get the chance to create the new strain. Once the threat has been dealt with, you can return to working on some science stuff. You can look at the image above for a possible solution.

Emily-May Foundation

Emily-May Foundation Location - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments
Emily-May Foundation Map Location

This is the final EMF experiment that can only be unlocked after completing the main story. It involves Peter helping Harry hybridize his mom’s and Aunt May’s favorite plants into something stronger.

After the heartfelt message plays, Peter goes to work, combining both plants together. This is probably the hardest puzzle in the game. So, you can look at the image above for a solution to the puzzle.

Complete all the experiments, and you’ll unlock the Foundational Silver trophy. That’s everything I’ve got for this EMF Experiments guide. Good luck out there, Spider-people.